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10 Best Weed Barriers [2022 Review] - BestOfMachinery (1)

Gardens can add to the enjoyment of a home in enormous quantities, but weeds can really cause significant issues. Using a weed barrier can prevent these troublesome garden terrors from taking over and ruining the beauty of what you have spent months cultivating. Many gardeners use weed killers in a desperate attempt to keep weeds at bay, but really all they are successful doing is adding harmful chemicals to the soil, which will have a detrimental effect on anything else they grow.

Instead of damaging the soil, a weed barrier can be used, which acts as a preventative sheet stopping weeds from growing at all. This occurs because the weed barrier stops light, oxygen, and moisture from helping the weeds to germinate. This can and will eliminate weeds. Here is our list of the top 10 best weed barriers, which we think you should consider purchasing if you want to prevent weeds from springing in your garden.

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  • ECOgardener Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier
  • ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric
  • Dewitt 12YR450 Weed Barrier
  • DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover
  • Easy Gardener Natural Burlap Weed Barrier
  • Agfabric Landscape Ground Cover
  • Scotts 25-Year Pro Fabric
  • Mutual Industries WF200 Geotextile Fabric
  • AHG Premium Series Landscape Fabric
  • Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover

1. ECOgardener Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier

10 Best Weed Barriers [2022 Review] - BestOfMachinery (2)

Make your gardening routine much easier for yourself by using this ECOgardener weed barrier. It is 3 feet by 50 feet in its size and will enable you to protect a sizeable area of your garden from pesky weeds. It is really easy to install this weed barrier yourself so you won’t need to fork out for a professional to come and fit it for you at extra expense.

It only weighs 5oz, so it is a really viable option for you to carry this weed barrier around your garden to be able to lay down pieces where you need them the most. This is a weed barrier created from a heavy-duty, long-lasting and highly durable material, polypropylene, which promotes environmental and soil health for prolonged periods of time.

The ECOgardener Premium Pro Garden Weed Barrier is light in weight and a substantial quantity to protect the most troublesome areas of your garden thoroughly.

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2. ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric

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Perfectly suited as a weed protector layer on driveways or pathways, this weed barrier is of a commercial-grade, so it is hugely durable. It has many added abilities, too, such as increasing the stability of the soil, helping control erosion, and enabling substrates to increase in their stability. This is a great addition to any patio area, stable block, or watering trough area where the conditions would generally be perfect for the growth of weeds.

Stopping ruts and potholes from forming, the stability created by this weed barrier is second to none. It assists with drainage issues, which makes it great for pond or drain based lining. Simply install this weed barrier without the need for professional assistance, with 6-inch landscape pins as your only requirement.

The ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric is so versatile, protecting so many different areas of your land from weeds at commercial grade standard with very little fuss.

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3. Dewitt 12YR450 Weed Barrier

10 Best Weed Barriers [2022 Review] - BestOfMachinery (4)

With a 12 year lifespan, the Dewitt weed barrier offers significant protection to your garden against weeds for an impressive period of time. It is 4 feet by 50 feet in its capacity and is really simple to use within your garden space. Preventing weeds from even starting to grown, this weed barrier is created out of non-woven, hydrophilic treated fabric which is safe for both the soil you are using it in and the wider environment.

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This is material that allows air and water to permeate it but does not allow light, which means that weeds cannot grow. This is due to the fabric treatment that prevents UV rays from passing through it. This is an easy to lay weed barrier that can be cut easily when unraveled further than the required amount.

The Dewitt 12YR450 Weed Barrier is so easy to cut and apply to your garden as well as its impressive lifespan of 12 years without the need for reapplication.

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4. DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover

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Suitable for both internal greenhouse use as well as outdoor use within your garden, this weed barrier is a well-designed Sunbelt ground cover. It prevents weeds from being able to root as light cannot penetrate through it to enable any unwanted roots to grow. Air and water are still able to permeate this cover to maintain the health of soil or to assist with drainage.

This also allows for easy irrigation. Lasting for five years, even in direct sunlight, you have 4 feet by 300 feet of weed barrier to help you to stay protected from weeds and to save you from having to constantly remove them from your flowerbeds, pathways and graveled areas.

The DeWitt SBLT4300 Sunbelt Ground Cover has a friendly, ecological and environmental approach to weed barriers as opposed to chemical-based herbicides that can harm the environment.

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5. Easy Gardener Natural Burlap Weed Barrier

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Preventing soil from eroding, this natural Burlap style weed barrier is a great natural weed preventative. Loved by gardeners around the world, this is a simple but effective product that has many different uses in the garden, as well as within the home. This Burlap weed barrier is able to prevent seeds from being washed away and helps seeds to germinate in good time because the Burlap itself retains moisture.

Burlap is also a good material to cover plants with so that they are fully protected from the elements, especially during harsh winters when snow, ice, and frosts hit hard. This is 3 feet by 150 feet weed barrier quantity, so you will have plenty of material to protect your plants, as well as to undertake any craft projects with it, too. This is the second most well-loved use for Burlap.

The Easy Gardener Natural Burlap Weed Barrier is a natural and environmentally friendly weed barrier with so many uses, both outdoors and indoors, too.

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6. Agfabric Landscape Ground Cover

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Make sure that weeds are unable to even think about growing with this Agfabric weed barrier. It is made from 3.2oz high strength polypropylene woven fabric and is an excellent alternative to chemicals or herbicides. This weed barrier prevents soil from eroding as well as helping you to keep your garden neat and tidy.

This is a heavy-duty plastic mulch weed block, which is 6 feet by 100 feet in its capacity and will last a considerable amount of time. It is also reusable, too – all you need to do is wash it to be able to reuse it in other areas of your garden. Help yourself to make planting simple, fun and strategic by following the lines of this weed barrier to enable planting patterns to take clear formation.

The Agfabric Landscape Ground Cover is durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. It also allows planting rows to be obtained really simply via its lined pattern.

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7. Scotts 25-Year Pro Fabric

10 Best Weed Barriers [2022 Review] - BestOfMachinery (8)

For an alternative solution to herbicides and other chemicals that have a detrimental effect on soil, surrounding plants and the ecology of your garden in general, you could try Scott's weed barrier. It is able to keep weeds away in all areas of the garden, including flowerbeds and pathways, as well as assisting with soil erosion issues on driveways and retaining walls.

This is a heavy-duty weed barrier that is highly durable and long-lasting with an estimated life span of around 25 years. With 3 feet by 150 feet of Scotts Pro Fabric contained within just one roll, there are so many jobs that this weed barrier can assist you with around your home and garden.

The Scotts 25-Year Pro Fabric is so highly durable and lasts for such a long time, with 25 years protection against weeds sounding like a dream!

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8. Mutual Industries WF200 Geotextile Fabric

10 Best Weed Barriers [2022 Review] - BestOfMachinery (9)

For a more industrial approach to weed barrier solutions or for holding soil in place, this is a highly effective product. It can be used in many different areas, including under rip rap, gabions, and precast block. This geotextile fabric is said to save time and money when compared to using other methods such as graded aggregate or sand. Using this style of weed barrier enables many different surfaces to be protected as the lifespan of foundations is increased.

With an impressive capacity of 6 feet by 300 feet, there is a lot of scope to be able to get a lot of jobs done with this product either at home, on-site, or on a much larger, more industrial style scale. Resistant to UV and general deterioration, like rotting and acid within the soil, this weed barrier has an impressive lifespan, too.

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The Mutual Industries WF200 Geotextile Fabric can be used on such a large scale and is trusted on large building projects protecting against weeds and erosion.

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9. AHG Premium Series Landscape Fabric

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Ideally suited for landscaping projects in your garden or as part of a work project, the AHG Garden weeds barrier offers the ultimate protection. Able to prevent weeds from growing in gardens for up to 20 years, this is a very popular choice of weed barrier. Created out of polypropylene and black in color, it is plain in its design and simple in its makeup, but it is hugely effective.

Offering the user 3 feet by 300 feet of weed barrier, there are so many different opportunities that this fabric and polypropylene combination provides you with. Not only will it protect your garden from weeds, but it will also enable the soil to gain all of the nutritional value it requires to pass through it. Great for use in difficult to access areas, this weed barrier is super simple to apply.

The AHG Premium Series Landscape Fabric is easy to apply to the most difficult of areas, and it allows all necessary nutrients to pass through it.

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10. Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover

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The Dewitt weed barrier is a Sunbelt ground cover that prevents weeds from growing wherever you choose to use it. Air and water can pass through it, but light cannot, which is why weeds cannot grow. It is an excellent solution to weed problems if you do not want to use chemicals in your garden or are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution.

The soil remains thoroughly irrigated while in the close confinement of this weed barrier, so no manual irrigation needs to be accounted for. This weed barrier offers you a 3 feet by 300 feet garden solution for problems inside and outside. If used in direct sunlight areas, this product will last for 5 years, but used in less sunny spots, the life span will be increased.

The Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover allows for natural irrigation to still occur even though this weed barrier prevents weeds from growing in weed prone areas.

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Weed Barrier Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing the type of weed barrier to purchase, it is worth taking a few specific factors into consideration to help you to make your final choice. This can be the difference between a weed barrier that does the job you want it to do for a short period of time or decades at a time. There are also weed barriers with added functions, which may help you to buy a more multifunctional product. The most important things we think you should consider are:

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Consider the measurements of the roll of weed barrier you intend to purchase. The idea is that it is as easy as possible for you to use this within your garden or intended area, so the less fiddly cutting time you need to spend, the better. You also decrease the risk of your weed barrier fraying and becoming so ineffective that it becomes totally redundant, which would be a waste of your time, money, and effort of inserting it. If there are standard areas where you are going to be using this weed barrier, do some measurements of that area and see if you can find a barrier that it the same width.

This will prevent you from wasting weed barrier material in areas where you need to overlap, as well as the previously explained cutting and fraying. It will also mean that you can be a lot more precise in how much of your chosen weed barrier you will need to purchase in order to protect your problem areas.


You want to consider the time that it will be before you are having to replace the weed barrier you are using, as this can be a big job, obviously depending on where you have applied it. If you have used it to protect your entire driveway against weeds or used it as a way to keep soil in place for a rockery, for example, these could be enormous jobs to have to undertake every single year.

For these examples, you would want to find a much longer-lasting weed barrier with a lifespan of decades as opposed to months. You want to reap the rewards of your hard work, installing the weed barrier for years to come, and not be on constant count down for needing to start the hard work again as soon as you have finished your installation.


If you have multiple projects on the go, then a weed barrier of extensive versatility could be very helpful to you. You don’t want to have to go to the extra expense of having to buy different weed barriers for different types of jobs in your garden when there are perfectly good weed barriers that are suitable for all the jobs you need them for.

A good example of this is removing weeds, protecting seeds, and needing to find a way to increase the soil stability in your greenhouse. All of these things can be done with a single style of weed barrier. This same weed barrier can also prevent erosion, protect plants from snow, ice or frost, and can hold the earth in place. The more heavy-duty weed barriers can even help to support foundations because they are so strong!

Talking of versatility, there are some styles of weed barriers that are suitable to be used within the home as well as outside it. These tend to be the ones made from natural fibers, such as Burlap, and can be great for arts and crafts projects, costume making, sewing activities, DIY and even in revamping and upcycling projects.


Where will you be using the weed barrier of choice? This is another factor that has an impact on lifespan and the effectiveness of your weed barrier, due to the amount of UV light. If your weed barrier of choice is going to be used in an area that gets large amounts of sun, then you need to look for a weed barrier with a more extensive lifespan. This is because UV light reduces how long the weed barrier will last for.

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However, if you are going to be using a weed barrier in a location where UV rays and direct sunlight are not going to be so much of an issue, then the lifespan of your barrier is not going to be so much in question. This really needs to be taken into consideration as you do not want your weed barrier to be ineffective, even if you think it should still have plenty of life left in it, but it is situated in a very sunny position.

Expert Tip

The lifespan of a weed barrier is increased drastically if it is not situated in a place where it gets hit with direct sunlight for long periods of time daily.

Did you know?

Some weed barriers can be incredibly versatile and can be used for jobs inside the house and within your garden, such as DIY, crafting, and sewing?


What is the best weed barrier to use under rocks? ›

Typically made from polyester or polypropylene, non-woven landscape fabrics are best suited for preventing weed growth in rock or gravel paths or beds. Non-woven landscape fabrics are less permeable than woven options, so they will prevent water and nutrients from getting to the soil below.

What is the best weed barrier for vegetable garden? ›

Fabrics made from traditional polyethylene may be too thick for a vegetable garden, so those made with polypropylene are your best bet.

What is polypropylene weed barrier? ›

Black Garden Weed Control Membrane

This is the ideal product for protecting driveways, garden paths, under paving, greenhouse flooring and many more from weeds growing through. The membrane is water permeable so that water and nutrients can flow through the fabric, reducing the chances of any puddles on the surface.

How do I choose a weed barrier? ›

Be sure to consider the appropriate thickness for the job. For example, a thick barrier is a durable pick under a gravel pathway, but the same barrier may be too thick for a vegetable or flower garden. For the latter situation, a thinner, more permeable weed barrier may be a better pick, even if it is less durable.

What is the best ground covering to prevent weeds? ›

Sedum Spurium

Also known as 'Dragon's Blood' Sedum, this variety may be the hardiest and most versatile of all weed-suppressing ground covers. Their trailing stems root easily and do well in places where little else will grow.

Do you have to pull weeds before putting down weed barrier? ›

Can you put landscape fabric over weeds? Yes, most definitely, but an even more effective method of weed control is to remove the weeds before laying the cloth. An alternative is to apply the material directly to the weeds and cover the fabric with an inorganic mulch like gravel or small stones.

What to put between garden rows to prevent weeds? ›

Mulch. Mulch is an effective way to help prevent weeds in gardens. Mulch can be defined as an applied barrier of some form of organic matter. Some of the more popular mulches include wheat straw, pine straw, wood chips, and sawdust.

What can I use instead of landscape fabric? ›

Best Landscaping Fabric Alternatives
  • Wood chips.
  • Bark mulches.
  • Pine needles.
  • Shredded leaves.
  • Grass clippings.
  • Compost.
  • Newspaper.
  • Cardboard.
17 Jun 2022

Is geotextile fabric the same as weed barrier? ›

While landscaping fabric and drain field fabrics are both geotextile materials, they are also very different for very different applications. Landscape fabric is used as a physical barrier (a weed barrier) in gardens and planting beds.

Does water drain through weed membrane? ›

If it's your flower beds or borders that are prone to getting soggy in a downpour, any permeable weed control membrane can help drain excess water away from plants to keep them healthy.

What do you put on top weed barrier? ›

Landscape fabric works fine on its own, but it's usually best to cover it with a decorative mulch, rock, or other ground cover. The fabric separates the cover material from the soil, keeping stone and gravel clean and slowing the inevitable breakdown of organic mulch.

Should landscape fabric go under stone? ›

A good landscape fabric beneath a layer of pebbles or gravel goes a long way in preventing weed seed germination. Even the best landscape fabric won't stop 100% of the weeds. Some seeds will inevitably germinate and sprout, however having a weed block barrier will keep the roots from getting a foothold in the soil.

How long does cardboard weed barrier last? ›

That's about all the prep you need! Most cardboard will disintegrate in 6-12 months, so if you lay it down in early spring, it will be ready for soil cultivation next spring. Frequent watering can help break down the cardboard faster and more effectively.

What is the toughest ground cover? ›

English ivy (Hedera helix) Ivy is one of the toughest, hardiest groundcovers available. Adaptable to almost any condition but dry full sun, it has saved many an “unplantable” area.

What can you put on dirt to keep weeds away? ›

Mulch will help keep weeds down in addition to the fabric while covering the landscape fabric, providing organic nutrients to the soil and beautifying your yard. Spread mulch evenly around shrubs and plants as deep as 3-inches to cover the landscape fabric and beautify your garden.

What grass will choke out weeds? ›

Bermuda grass is the best warm-season grass for choking out weeds. Kentucky Bluegrass is the top option for battling weeds in cool-season grass lawns.

Is it better to use landscape fabric or plastic? ›

Landscaping fabric is the more durable product between the two. It's more expensive and the overall structure is tougher. Landscape fabric also comes in different types and each of these types serves a specific purpose. Black plastic, on the other hand, is primarily used to eliminate weed growth.

Can roots grow through weed barrier? ›

Not a perfect system: Plant roots in search of air and water can grow through the cloth, breaking the weed barrier.

Do professional landscapers use fabric? ›

Landscape fabric, otherwise endearingly known as weed fabric is one of those things that get us landscape professionals up in arms. Yes, it does prevent weeds (but only for a time). Yes, we use it but only in one main application.

What is the best mulch to stop weeds? ›

Bark mulch is the best choice for use as a weed suppressant as it inhibits weeds in two critical ways. First, by applying a thick layer covering the soil, bark mulch deprives the weed seeds in the soil, and their resulting seedlings, of the sunlight desperately needed to germinate and thrive.

How do I keep weeds out of my garden naturally? ›

7 Methods to Control Weeds Naturally, Without Commercial Herbicides
  1. Hand Pulling. ...
  2. Boiling Water. ...
  3. Mulch/Ground Covers. ...
  4. Cornmeal Gluten. ...
  5. White Vinegar. ...
  6. Lemon Juice. ...
  7. Poultry Pointers. ...
  8. Bonus Tip: Hold the Salt.
7 Mar 2019

What kills weeds but not flowers? ›

To avoid sabotaging your garden, make organic weed killers right at home with common ingredients like vinegar, lemon and salt.
  • Why Use Natural Weed Killer? ...
  • The Top Natural Weed Killers that are Safe for Flowers.
  • Boiling Water. ...
  • Cornmeal. ...
  • Vinegar. ...
  • Lemon Juice. ...
  • Mulch. ...
  • Salt.
20 Oct 2021

Does putting cardboard down stop weeds? ›

Reusing cardboard for the garden provides compostable material, kills pesky weeds and develops a bumper crop of earthworms. Cardboard in the garden will also kill lawn grass and help you get a new bed ready for veggies, ornamentals or whatever you want to grow.

Can I use a tarp instead of landscape fabric? ›

A plastic tarp can act as an effective and inexpensive weed barrier in gardens. The tarp can be used as a permanent soil cover, much like landscaping fabric, or a temporary aid when fumigating soil for weed control. When using a tarp as a permanent barrier, use a black plastic tarp.

What should you put under landscaping rocks? ›

The two landscape fabrics that are best suited for rocks are spun landscape fabric and non-woven landscape fabric. In some cases, you might prefer using a thick woven fabric. The four main types of landscape fabrics are: woven, non-woven, spun, and perforated.

How do you install landscape fabric under rocks? ›

How to Install Landscape Fabric for a Step Stone Walkway - YouTube

Do you need to put plastic under rocks landscaping? ›

Rock beds are low-maintenance -- though never no-maintenance -- when done right, and doing it right involves placing a barrier between the rocks and your soil. The barrier of choice is usually heavy-duty landscape fabric, but tarps or other types of plastic can sometimes be an acceptable substitute.

Is plastic or fabric better for landscaping? ›

Plastic is better for killing weeds and retaining moisture in dry soil than landscape fabric. However, landscape fabric is better suited to keeping weeds away from an area while allowing water to flow freely. Landscape fabric is more durable and will last much longer than plastic sheeting.

How do you keep landscape rocks from sinking? ›

Tips on How You Can Keep Decorative Rocks from Sinking into the Ground
  1. Use smaller stones.
  2. Use a landscaping fabric or plastic on the flowerbed soil.
  3. Install a good drip-irrigation system.
  4. Avoid using any power tools, such as weed trimmers and lawnmowers.
10 Nov 2020

Which is better for landscaping rocks or mulch? ›

Rocks are better at weed-prevention than mulch and are also lower maintenance. Stones can also add to the aesthetics of a property. However, rock cover is not good for gardens that receive a lot of sun because they retain more heat than mulch. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

Do you put sand under landscape fabric? ›

Most people find landscape fabric very beneficial to their garden. When they lay it down underneath decorative elements like sand and rocks, they don't have to worry about weeds growing up for years. The key to preventing weed growth on top is to keep the rock or sand clean.

Can you double layer landscape fabric? ›

You can double-layer landscape fabric. However, it's generally not safe, especially in your vegetable garden. The extra layer of fabric could adversely affect the soil. Therefore, double layering landscape fabric would be counterproductive and could destroy your garden.

How do you secure landscape fabric to the ground? ›

Use garden stakes, also known as garden staples or stakes, to stake and secure the landscape fabric into the ground at every 1-3-inches, depending on how big your yard is. Tip: Use a hammer and thicker stakes for denser gardens.

Will weeds grow through river rock? ›

Unfortunately, weeds can still make their way into your rock garden if nothing blocks them. So, create a border around your rock landscape to create a barrier between your lawn and rocks. An excellent option is to put in a 3-to-4-inch edging border around the rock beds.

Do professional landscapers use fabric? ›

Landscape fabric, otherwise endearingly known as weed fabric is one of those things that get us landscape professionals up in arms. Yes, it does prevent weeds (but only for a time). Yes, we use it but only in one main application.

How do you prevent weeds from growing under rocks? ›

Lay Landscape Fabric

A layer of water-permeable landscape fabric beneath rocks creates a physical barrier that prevents weeds from sprouting. If you are planning a new rock installation, lay landscape fabric on top of the soil.

What is better plastic or fabric under rock? ›

If you're using landscape fabric simply to prevent weed overgrowth, yes, you can use plastic sheets as an alternative to landscape fabric. However, if you want to use this product under mulch like gravel, rocks, or other hardscaping material, you're better off sticking to landscape fabric.

Does cardboard keep weeds from growing? ›

Cardboard and mulch are effective barriers in stopping the upward growth of unwanted weeds. Over time, cardboard and the dead weeds underneath it biodegrade and help create nutrient-rich soil.

Does black plastic stop weeds? ›

One of the main ways that we manage weeds is actually to eliminate them before we plant and I do that by using a technique called solarisation. What that is, is simply covering the soil with black plastic for several months over summer. This basically cooks the weeds' seed bank and cooks the weeds themselves.


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