Custom Suits - Men's Custom Tailored Made to Measure Suits Online (2022)


Brighten and freshen up your wardrobe with masterpieces designed just for you. Choose from a luxurious spread of fabrics, linings, trimmings, buttons, and everything in between at just the click of a button. Send in your measurements and get the perfect made-to-measure, outstanding piece of this personalized garment. Sounds interesting right and too good to be true! Welcome to the world of custom suits from StudioSuits. We take immense pride in delivering quality, mood-lifting staple suits for every occasion. You will be thrilled to weave a tailor-made story for every suit you order from our online store. You even have the freedom to pick accessories to match your outfit. Custom-made suits online spoil you for unlimited choices.

Men's custom suits are forever a great option to explore when you are looking out for a perfect piece to match your silhouette. Buying suits online works like a charm. All you must do is take your measurements, choose your preferred style and StudioSuits will take care of the rest.

Options Galore

Be it adding layers to your much-loved shirt and pant combination or satisfying the itch to buy a new jacket to your collection. We are always glad to be at your service. Select from the expansive spread of corduroys, tweeds, suedes, velvets, cotton, linen, and wool to name a few.

We care to craft what you fancy and stitch it as per your unique measurements through our custom suits online. The special made-to-measure suits are easy on pockets as otherwise believed to be. A wide range of custom-tailored suits online not only saves your time but provides you the maximum range of fabrics as well.


Has it happened to you that you see your favourite Hollywood star wearing a smart suit and you want the same? It has been the dream for most people to own a suit just like a Hollywood superstar. Usually, when you google search for suit measurements near me, quite a few options are visible. Most of the time we are unsure to try a new tailor. Save the entire process of hit and trial, just log on to StudioSuits and buy suits online without any hesitation. StudioSuits provides the best-in-class options and has cost-effective products with tons of variety. It’s time to convert those dreams into reality as we specialize in custom-made suits. We can clone any garment for an exceedingly small price.

Suits for every occasion

Nowadays, the best custom suits can be bought online. The services include tailoring, matching accessories, and home delivery to name a few.

(Video) Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit Online (EASY Step By Step Process)

Most of us are always running short of time. StudioSuits is here to the rescue. We strive to provide our esteemed customers best online custom suits for every occasion.

Dress in your finest, be it your wedding day or a casual party with friends. Surely you are going to enjoy getting compliments from young and old alike. Customized tailoring gives you finesse, which is hardly possible with ready-to-wear suits.

Black, blue, and charcoal are the most versatile colors and are available in different hues. Pick your favourite and get a custom suit made. You can easily style them at wedding receptions, office parties, interviews, or business meetings. They will for sure add class to your personality.

Custom-tailored suits online are synonymous for style and elegance. They are nothing less than a personal investment that reaps benefits every time you wear them. Suits are sustainable and lavish at the same time. They happen to be the cornerstone of every sensible man’s wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Suits

How do custom suits work?

For a custom suit, you only need to give your measurements online and choose the following things.

  1. Select type of fabric, colour, and design.
  2. The number and design of buttons on the jacket and pant.
  3. Style of pockets, trouser, cuffs, and collar.
  4. Type of inner lining, lapel width etc.

On top of this, tailored suits always fit better than ready-made clothes. It's because they are not designed according to an average customer but especially for you.

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Why StudioSuits for custom-tailored suits?

We assist you and your loved ones with suggestions to pick the right material for your suit. We guide you from the starting line until the end. We never compromise with the choices of our customers as we comprehend the beauty of style and clothing. At StudioSuits, you have the option to get the best custom suit. On the other hand, we are in this business so long as we provide our customers with the choice of sharing the style statements to get custom suits online. Yes, just provide us your measurements and buy custom made suits online.

Is a Custom Suit Worth It?

Custom suits are made-to-measure and fit perfectly compared to the off-the-rack purchases. You can buy custom made suits online that are truly yours; they are made using the best fabrics, perfect construction, and personalization, depending on your personality. Custom suits are definitely worth it for their finer fit and quality.

What Should I Look For In a Custom Suit?

Here are some of the things you need to look into when ordering a customized suit:

  • Pick the right fabric
  • Get the measurements right
  • Look for expert advice
  • Select durability
  • Choose the right style and colour hues

Know the style of the store you are purchasing from.

How Long Do Custom Suits Take?

It can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

Why Buy a Custom Suit Online?

Ordering custom suits online allow you to choose the color, fabric, design, cuff style, collar style, pockets, and even buttons of the suit to help you create a wardrobe that matches your personality. Your body measurements are taken to handcraft the suit for the best fit and maximum comfort before they are delivered to you. Check out the vast collection of custom suits at StudioSuits right away!

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How Do I Know if I Need a Custom Suit?

If you are someone who does not want to compromise on your look but are forced to purchase suits off-the-rack that are a bit too tight or a little too loose, then a custom suit would be just right. Custom-tailored suits online are made to your exact measurement and will offer a finesse, which is hardly attainable with a ready-to-wear suit.

What Color Suits Should a Man Have?

Experts recommend that every man owns a minimum of three custom order suits in three different colors – black, charcoal, and navy blue. These three colored suits can be worn on a variety of occasions such as weddings, interviews, business meetings, or any other formal event. Also, these colors are standard and versatile can be matched with different accessories with great finesse.

Why should I invest in a custom-made suit?

Though there are plenty of options available in the market, let us not forget our size and style are as unique as we are. When the facility to pick and choose is available at the comfort of your home and by the click of a button, why not make the most of it. All you have to do is fill in your measurements and pick your drape and design. I assure you; it cannot get easier than this.

Are, custom suits expensive on the pocket?

Since you as the customer have the option to pick your fabric and style, it is up to you to choose as per you’re paying capacity. Quite a few options starting from $250 are available as well.

Yes, the pricing might grow as per the cost of the cloth and accessories you pick. On the other hand, at times a bespoke suit with fine drape and exquisite style can cost you somewhere between $2500 to $4500.

Online portal saves you the hassle of finding your style that fits your budget.

(Video) Difference Between Cheap $500 Custom Suit & $5,000 Tailor-Made Bespoke Suits

What is the difference between custom-made and bespoke?

There is a slight difference between custom-made and bespoke.

Custom-made garments are made for you from scratch, here you pick a design and style. It is stitched as per your measurements. You have the freedom to copy any design as there are no charges for the original design. It can be a common style that is very much in fashion.

Well, on the other hand, bespoke designs are exclusive designs that are curated for special events by designers. The cost of the design itself adds to the price of the suit. It thus, increases the overall cost of the final product. Typically, bespoke products are unique and no second original copy is made available.

What do you mean by made-to-measure suits?

It is a fully customizable suit or jacket. The one that is impeccably made from the measurements provided by the customer.

Any formal or casual wear suit or jacket can be made to order as per your requirements. It is the same as custom-made suits. The best one can be ordered from StudioSuits online. It saves time and money for the customer.

Nowadays, millennials prefer to place an order online from the comfort of their dwellings. As the competition is strong among the online stores, it is the customer who benefits. Once the garments are curated as per designs, they are delivered to the customer directly.


Discover the fun of wearing a custom-made suit that is specially made for you. Do not be afraid to experiment with design and styles. Wear the design you have always cherished.


Are made-to-measure suits worth it? ›

Made-to-measure suiting is a great stepping stone for clients into bespoke,” says Savile Row's Richard Anderson. “We often find once a customer has invested in a made-to-measure suit they see the value and appreciate the craftsmanship behind the making of a suit and see the benefits in how it wears.”

What is an acceptable price for a custom suit? ›

Overall Cost

The answer is that a well-built, tailored suit can start at $1,500 or so and climb up to $6,500 plus. Just as with a luxury car, you can get anything you desire out of a custom suit.

How do I choose a custom suit? ›

How to Choose a Perfect Custom Suit: 12 Tips
  1. 1.) Be confident with your choice. ...
  2. 2.) Know what you want. ...
  3. 3.) Simplify. ...
  4. 4.) Flatter your shape. ...
  5. 5.) Consider the fabric in relationship to time of year. ...
  6. 6.) Skip the trends. ...
  7. 7.) Don't dry clean too often. ...
  8. 8.) Get a great hanger.

How much do Brooks Brothers made-to-measure suits cost? ›

Brooks Brothers offers made-to-measure suits starting at $1,145, though finer materials can cost $2,000 or more. Suit Supply made-to-measure suits cost $999 and up.

How can you tell a cheap suit from an expensive suit? ›

First, here is 10 ways to spot a cheap suit.
  1. CHEAP PLASTIC BUTTONS. Do the buttons look cheap, flimsy and painted to match the color of the fabric? ...
  2. PLASTIC BUTTON ANCHORS. Classic cheap tailor move. ...
  3. PAPER-Y LINING. ...

What is the difference between made-to-measure and bespoke suits? ›

Bespoke tailors draw a unique paper pattern by hand. Made to Measure tailors use an existing pattern and make some basic modifications to it.

What is the average cost of a men's suit? ›

Buying A Basic Suit That Suits Your Style

The Basic Suit ranges from $300 to $599, though it is easy to spend more. It's considered to be a solid price point for the first suit. This category includes the most common fit types, wool/poly blend materials, and basic color schemes.

How long does a tailored suit take? ›

How Long Does It Take to Get a Suit Tailored? If you are a new client to the tailor, then this process will take a bit longer since they will need to start from scratch. However, typically, you should expect a 2-to 4-week total from purchase to complete set. With smaller shops you can get it as fast as 2 days.

How long does a custom suit take? ›

A custom suit can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months to make, depending on whether fabrics are in stock, where the suit is actually made, if your suit is true bespoke with a basted fitting, and how busy the tailors are.

How many suits should a man own? ›

Every man should have at least three good suits in his closet, although frequent suit wearers may want more. Knowing how many suits you need and planning ahead by purchasing a handful of well-fitting suits will go a long way.

Do you wear a belt with a suit? ›

As you can see, there is no one solid answer to the belt or no belt with a suit question. While modern fashion-forward men view no belt with a suit as a better line and a more formal look that showcases your tailoring, older or more traditional men may say that a belt and suit must be worn together.

What should I look for when getting a suit tailored? ›

6 Rules for a Perfectly Tailored Suit
  • Hem Your Trousers. This is the number one place most guys go wrong when it comes to tailored clothing. ...
  • Make Sure the Shoulders Fit. ...
  • Hem Your Sleeves. ...
  • Watch for Collar Gap. ...
  • Take in the Waist of Your Jacket. ...
  • Slim the Sleeves and Taper the Trousers.
12 Sept 2015

Who makes the most expensive men's suit? ›

Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

Top of our list is currently the most expensive suit in the world. Stuart Hughes from Liverpool in the UK is a well-known designer of luxury goods. He and world-famous tailor Richard Jewels from Manchester teamed up to create just three of these dark grey suits.

How long does it take Brooks Brothers to alter a suit? ›

For Brooks Brothers it was geared around engaging with customers four to five times in a season, D'Elia said. Before, the custom tailored suit-making process could take as long as 14 weeks between the time it takes for a customer to enter a store for a fitting to when they could take it home.

What makes a suit look expensive? ›

Most expensive suits should be made from at least a pure wool. If you want quality, never choose polyester mixes. Ideally you're looking for anything above a Super 100s wool. This means the fabric is smoother and has less thread count per meter, making it super soft and luxurious to touch and feel.

What makes a high end suit? ›

A good suit has genuine horn buttons (usually buffalo horn). Also, the front buttons should be sewn with a thread shank (a stem of twisted thread) which provides space for the fabric to drape in between the button and the garment when fastened.

What fabric makes suits cheap? ›

Quality suits have linings made out of sometimes viscose which is less expensive. A higher-end option would be silk, sometimes you also see cotton, but very cheap suits have polyester lining or blends with polyester.

How many fittings should a bespoke suit have? ›

Of the three fittings, the basted fitting is the quintessential hallmark of bespoke clothing. Close to 100% of the world's most famous tailors require this fitting of all of their customers.

Who is the best tailor in the world? ›

Roshan Melwani is the third-generation proprietor of Sam's Tailor, a clothing shop in Hong Kong started by his grandfather Naraindas "Sam" Melwani in 1957. Sam's Tailor has become world famous for the stylish bespoke suits and clothing it has made for celebrities, world leaders, Hong Kongers, and tourists.

What's the difference between custom made and tailor made? ›

Custom-made and tailor-made both mean "made specifically for someone." But there are some differences in usage. Custom-made refers to almost anything that is made for someone, including clothes but just as often referring to other things: I like his custom-made shoes. He rides a custom-made motorcycle.

What color should my suit be? ›

The three core suit colours are black, navy and grey. A dark grey or charcoal suit is the colour you should go for if you don't wear a suit often and just need one that's versatile and could work for any occasion. Navy is a popular choice because it's the perfect alternative to a black suit.

How long does a suit last? ›

The average man buys a new suit every two and a half to three years, according to national retail research firm NPD.

How fast can I get a suit at Men's Wearhouse? ›

Your tux or suit should arrive at your door roughly 7 days before your event. Once you have your tux or suit, try it right away.

Do you tip a tailor? ›

Tipping seamstresses is not standard protocol. That said, anytime a talented seamstress goes above and beyond, offering a gratuity is a thoughtful gesture.

Can you get a suit fitted the same day? ›

If they can't do alterations quickly, buy the suit and take it to your dry cleaner. Most of them do alterations the same day. Nothing too flashy. Standard suit (a tie wouldn't hurt, but probably not necessary unless you're in a conservative part of the country), dress shirt, and shoes.

Can I get a suit tailored that is too big? ›

Narrowing, Lengthening, and Shortening Sleeves – YES

Narrowing ones that are too large around the arms is an easy alteration. Making sleeves slightly longer or shorter, say by a 1/2″ or so, is also a fairly routine procedure.

How far in advance should groom get suit? ›

Ideally, ordering your suit 4-6 months out is what we recommend. This gives the groom and the wedding party plenty of time to get their suits, try them on, and get any necessary in-person alterations made.

How a suit is supposed to fit? ›

The suit jacket is too long or short

Your suit jacket should cover about 80% of your butt and crotch. Generally, the bottom edge of a jacket should end between the two knuckles on your thumb. This rule can be pushed a little bit when wearing a casual sport coat because they tend to be a little shorter.

Which country has the best tailors? ›

Whenever there is a poll in the space of internet asking Which Country has the Best Tailors? China wins hands down as the country of China has the city of Hong Kong that houses the best and finest of bespoke fashion houses and artists that put an immense amount of hard work, passion, creativity, dedication, and ...

What 3 suits should a man own? ›

Every man should own a classic black suit, a blue suit and a grey suit.

What colors of suits should a man own? ›

Below is a list of the top 10 suit colors you must have.
  • Navy Blue. Like a black suit, a navy blue suit is an essential weapon in your formalwear arsenal. ...
  • Charcoal Grey. ...
  • Medium Grey. ...
  • Light Grey. ...
  • Bright Blue. ...
  • Dark Brown. ...
  • Tan. ...
  • Patterned.

What 5 suits should a man own? ›

The 5 Suits Every Man Should Own
  • Navy single-breast. It is sometimes said that the navy blazer is man's answer to the little black dress. ...
  • Charcoal single-breast. If every man's first suit should be navy (it should), then his second should be in grey. ...
  • Dark double-breast. ...
  • The summer suit. ...
  • The dinner suit.
16 Mar 2016

Is it OK to wear a brown belt with black pants? ›

Can I Wear A Brown Belt With Black Pants? Sure! IF you're also wearing brown shoes. While it's easy to get stuck on the no-black-and-brown rule above, it's referring to the belt and shoes, not the pants.

How do you wear a suit without a tie? ›

How To Wear A Suit Without A Necktie (Avoid These 7 Mistakes!) - YouTube

Are waist belts Still in Style 2021? ›

Since styles such as mid-section belts and vests never truly had their moment to shine last year, they're still going strong, and those in the fashion industry seem to be quietly skipping over anything too fussy or over-the-top.

Can you buy a suit and get it tailored? ›

Yes, it is important to buy your suit in the correct size, but it should also always be tailored specifically for your body in a number of different areas.

Can the shoulders of a suit be altered? ›

The line of the shoulders on a suit jacket is where all the magic happens. The shoulders are also nearly impossible to alter once constructed, so we emphasize the fit of the shoulders when trying on jackets.

How do you measure a man for a suit? ›

How To: Take Your Own Measurements for a Suit - YouTube

What is the best material for a men's suit? ›

The best fabric for suits is wool woven in many popular patterns, including herringbone, twill, houndstooth, and sharkskin. Wool provides breathability and softness, key qualities in a suit. Cotton, linen, velvet, and silk also make popular styles of suits for specific occasions.

Which is the most expensive suit brand? ›

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition, $892,000. Priced at $892,000, this is the most expensive suit in the world. From famous designer Stuart Hughes and Richard jewels, this suit is made of cashmere, silk, and wool.

Which suit brand is expensive? ›

What is the most expensive suit brand? Model Tailors uses the same fabric that is manufactured from wool, cashmere, and silk for the top brands like Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Brioni, Dolce Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Prada, Zegna, Givency, Valentino, Canali and even Tom Ford and Kiton.

Are custom made suits worth it? ›

Your Clothes Last Longer

With custom-made suits you are making a smarter purchase. Instead of a temporary purchase that you may change your mind about in a couple of months, tailored suits are built to last. Custom-made clothing is a great long-term investment because of the materials used and overall quality.

How much should I pay for a bespoke suit? ›

High cost: Generally, a bespoke suit starts at around $4,000 in the United States and United Kingdom, and can cost $10,000 or more depending on the tailor and fabrics you choose. Unique value: A bespoke suit is handcrafted for an individual.

How do you know if a fabric suit is good quality? ›

Good quality suits have a lining at the hem that is hung, folded, and pressed. You want your lining to breathe well. The breathability of your lining should match the outer fabric. Lining made of rayon is an indicator of a quality suit.

Where are Brooks Brothers suits made? ›

And our flagship 1818 and made-to-measure suits are manufactured in the Southwick Factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The largest and most modern of the three facilities, Southwick is in many ways the crown jewel of Brooks Brothers' American manufacturing footprint.

What size pants come with a 40 regular suit? ›

If you order a 40 regular suit, the pants accompanying the jacket are a 34 waist.

How do you know if a suit fits your shoulders? ›

The seam that connects the shoulders to the arms of the jacket is a reliable indicator for fit. Basically, the seam should be at the edge of your shoulder, right where it slopes down to your arm. The shoulders on a suit should be flat and smooth. You don't want any rumpled fabric or creases.

How much is a tailored 3 piece suit? ›

How much should a good quality custom tailored suit cost you? Well, funnily enough, it's about the same as a regular priced off-the-rack suit: $500 to $800 range: Good quality. $800 to $1,200 range: Very good quality.

How much does a Balani suit cost? ›

Cost: Suits from $895, Slacks from $275, Blazers from $675, Shirts from $125. The Edge: Service included cocktails from a fully-stocked bar on premises.

How much does a wedding suit cost? ›

Your decision on buying vs. renting a wedding suit should also depend on the brand and seller. The average cost of buying a custom suit ranges from $465 to $895, but you may be able to find some as low as $295, depending on where you look. Depending on the fabric that is used in the suit, the cost may increase.

How many suits should I own? ›

With this in mind, our foundational recommendation is that every man should own a minimum of three suits: one each in navy, charcoal and black. This combination is appropriate for all occasions. Black is formal and the others are standard business colors that match a multitude of accessories.

How long does a suit last? ›

The average man buys a new suit every two and a half to three years, according to national retail research firm NPD.

What color should my suit be? ›

The three core suit colours are black, navy and grey. A dark grey or charcoal suit is the colour you should go for if you don't wear a suit often and just need one that's versatile and could work for any occasion. Navy is a popular choice because it's the perfect alternative to a black suit.

What is included in a 4 piece suit? ›

They are made from the same matching fabric and are meant to be worn together. A 4 piece suit apart from the trousers, suit jacket and the waistcoat also includes a matching bow tie. This look is also considered to be formal.

Where does Balani make their suits? ›

The clothes are handcrafted in China by the same specialty clothiers that Peter Balani worked with when he started the company in 1961, and finished stateside after the client's final fitting.

How much should a groom spend on a suit? ›

In the mid-range, a groom can buy a nice suit for between $300 and $800. And, on the high end, it costs about $800 to $1,500 and up to purchase a quality designer wool or linen tuxedo or suit. The average groom's tuxedo or suit cost is $197, according to the Bridal Association of America[1] .

Should I wear a 3 piece suit to a wedding? ›

Three piece suits are generally smarter than the regular two-piece, but you can still wear one to almost any occasion. They're perfect for weddings, or a formal summer garden party.

Does black tie mean tuxedo? ›

What is the difference between black tie and a tuxedo? Simply, black tie is a dress code and tuxedo is a type suit. The reason the two terms often get confused is because a tuxedo must be worn if the dress code specifies black tie attire. This has also lead to tuxedos being labelled as black tie suits.

What 3 suits should a man own? ›

Every man should own a classic black suit, a blue suit and a grey suit.

What colors of suits should a man own? ›

Below is a list of the top 10 suit colors you must have.
  • Navy Blue. Like a black suit, a navy blue suit is an essential weapon in your formalwear arsenal. ...
  • Charcoal Grey. ...
  • Medium Grey. ...
  • Light Grey. ...
  • Bright Blue. ...
  • Dark Brown. ...
  • Tan. ...
  • Patterned.

What 5 suits should a man own? ›

The 5 Suits Every Man Should Own
  • Navy single-breast. It is sometimes said that the navy blazer is man's answer to the little black dress. ...
  • Charcoal single-breast. If every man's first suit should be navy (it should), then his second should be in grey. ...
  • Dark double-breast. ...
  • The summer suit. ...
  • The dinner suit.
16 Mar 2016


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