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Thais de souza

This store is the closest one to my house and is really nice and some of the staffs are nice too but there is this lady there called Felicia that is the rudest person I have ever seen in any store here in Florida, she is always grump and everything you ask her she will either answer you in rude tone and a disgusting face or pretend she didnt heard you talk to her. This didnt happened just once or twice, every single time I go there that she is there I try not to ask her for help or not go to the register she is at because I cannot stand how rude she is. I dont understand why she is still working there if she is not happy, why not find a job that you will enjoy doing it and will not be so miserable. Everything else about the store is good, well organized, clean and I really like the location but I rather drive far and go to the other store than be a paying customer and be mistreated by someone who is clearly not happy with her job. I dont


Antonio Miles

I went in looking for something for my classroom towards the end of the night. The girl asked for a sku number because she couldnt find the product. Then as I look for it she tells me that she needs to go back up front. However, there was already someone covering the front. She was young, but she needs to understand that customers come first. In five minutes I would have had to vacate the store anyhow. I just gave up after looking for the product again. As I walked out, her or her male co-worker said absolutely nothing. How disconcerting!


Quinnlyn Eastman

All Tampa Joanns are absolutely awful except for this store which is conveniently the closest to me.It really depends on the day you go and whos working how your experience will be. Your either going to have super friendly helpful staff or your going to to come at a time where everything is out of stock or they just redid the store so all the employees are crabby which seems to happen more often than it shouldBut Ive never had a super horrible experience. Even on their bad days its still better than the Citrus Park location


Willivet Diggs

I drove 45 mins to get to this location to make an exchange for 1 yard of fabric just to find the doors locked 10 minutes before closing time. Called twice and got put on automatic hold. 3rd time a girl answered and told me to hold while she check with a the mgr. When she got back I was told, sorry were closed and theres nothing I can do. This is definitely not what I call good customer service. Especially when I could still see people shopping inside while I stood outside on the phone.


Melena 67

The worst experience I ever had I will not be going back to that location. Not one person greeted me and when I asked for assistance the associate blew me off to another associate named Nancy who was rude and when I asked her some questions on fabric.. I felt like I was bothering them.. Never again will i step foot in that store...


Candace Young

Always has what Im looking for and friendly staff. But, it is ALWAYS hot. The local staff has no ability to adjust the A/C as it is controlled in HQ. HQ must have no idea what Florida heat is like. I would spend more time and presumably more money here if I wasnt in such a hurry to go somewhere with better air conditioning.


Michele Stevic

Its not the biggest Jo-Anns but it has a nice selection of fabrics. I love their seasonal sections! Always check out their clearance cause you never know what youll find at a great price. Normally not a wait for the fabric counter and if there is its only one person ahead of you.


Vivian H

Its much smaller than the one in Brandon, but the staff is much more approachable and willing to help! Decent selection of fabrics and lots of crafty items. Free wifi (just have to submit your email to access it). Personal tip: look for coupons online.


Susan Eschrich

This is a smaller store, but its very nice in what it has. It carries a good selection of seasonal and craft items, and a nice selection of books. I havent bought fabric here, but they seem to have a pretty good selection of that, too.


Gus Garcia

We went there looking for special fabric for a quilt. Not only were they helpful in finding and recommending the right amount, they let us know of what discounts were available for us. Great customer service.


Terri Bohmann

I really liked this store. Its less traveled so the lines arent long. The staff was helpful in my requests. My only wish was that I lived closer to it. The selection may be smaller but I didnt miss anything.



Rude fabric cutters and horrible management that allows the customer line get 20 people deep and not open another register. Between the rude employees and the backed up line... I felt like I was in Walmart!


Alexander Therrien

They didnt have the item I wanted in stock, it was exclusive to Michaels, but they went out of their way to look for one anyways and I found a surprise gift for someone while I was there.


Stacey Mosier

Workers at the fabric counter are helpful. Great selection of fabric. Sometimes you have to wait to check out, Can say that about any establishment, this isnt a fast food restaurant.


e GadgetGirl

Nice selection of fabrics but not a large store as compared to Brandon or Citrus Park locations. The store is well-maintained but difficult to find help when looking for something.


Daniel G

Clean, well organized, nice staff. Decent selection of items and fabrics, and they seem to get new stock in pretty frequently. Fabric prices are extremely high however.


Barbie Cornier

A little sad not too much variety on flowers or stems as Michaels. Couldnt find the colors I wanted, like turquoise or teal.


amy kellison

Ive been waiting 15 minutes for someone to unlock a pair of scissors for me. Seems like they might be understaffed.


Jason Shelton

The day I was there the store seemed to be understaffed. Had to wait a long time to check out at the register.


Billy Z

I see this as a craft store with an emphasis on sewing! Great selection of sewing related items and fabric.


Sandra Schultz

This is my go to place for all my sewing stuff. The ladies that work their are very nice and helpful


Tracey Delarye

Love this place.They have nice home accsesorries and so many things to use for your craft projects!


Lee Woodcock

Great fabric selection and I love the coupons they text you... Good saving on single fabric items.


khalida uddin

I find Jo-Ann to have more fabrics then other Jo-Anns around and the staff here is wonderful.


Cristina Sanchez

Overall, good experience. Sad there are no traditional rewards cards for everyday use.


Ramon López

Its not a bad place to find fabrics and other carft supplies but its a bit overpriced.


Austin VanBebber

One of the larger JoAnns. Fewer seating options compared to the one in Citrus Park


Chalisse Morse

I find all my crafting needs here! And theres always a coupon available!!


pamela draper

One of the few places around to buy fabric. Decent selection and sales.


Rania Sherif

There are many options for crafts and the fabrics is not very expensive


Paula Lezama

Staff is really nice, though I will like a larger selection of fabrics!


Kelly Dykes

Wish they had a larger yarn section like the store in Citrus Park.


Ruby Brilliant

So much selection! Great staff, always helpful and knowledgeable.


Megan J.

Friendly and helpful staff. Great selection of cotton fabrics.

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