Forced To Be A Sissy (2022)

Forced To Be A Sissy

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Category: Cheryl Lynn
Written by Cheryl Lynn

The young man stood facing a very large woman sitting in an upholstered armchair. There was no other way to describe her. She was fat, perhaps, pushing 300 pounds he thought. The way she was staring at his puny frame suggested that maybe he was going to be her next meal. She wasn't saying anything as she visually appraised him for the first time...

Jacob had been brought to this woman by his step-grandmother earlier that morning. He had been given over to his step-grandmother by the will of his now deceased parents which made her legal guardian. He had been with her for about a month constantly taking her verbal abuse about not having to deal with "intolerable boys."

If she had told him once, she had told him a thousand times, "I told your parents and that no good son of mine that I would not take care of you if anything happened to them. You're no blood of mine! So what does that son of a bitch do? He puts me as your guardian and your dolt of a mother goes along with it. Well once I get all this damnable legal shit out of the way, I'm sending you away. Do you hear me boy! So don't get use to my benevolent ways cause where I am sending you, they don't take kindly to disruptive behavior."

Jacob took after his mother in many ways. He was slight of build standing only 5'6" and weighing just over 95 pounds. His hair was mousy brown and was a bush of tangles that reached his shoulders in imitation of one of his favorite line backers. His best feature, according to his mother, was his brilliant violet blue eyes. His complexion was slightly pale and his face, somewhat oval, had a few pimples and the beginnings of a mustache. The mustache was something he had been trying to grow for almost a year, yet, still looked scraggly and sparse.

While not strong, he was fast and nimble. He loved football and played defense well enough to get picked whenever a game got started. His only regret so far in life had been that the high school coach did not think he was big enough to play on the varsity. He had a lot of friends both boys and girls and loved the outdoors. He was a good kid and seldom in trouble. What trouble he managed to be involved with was nothing more than what most young men get into at his age.

Then his parents were killed in a tragic accident and he found himself in the hands of his step-grandmother before she hauled him off to live with Ms. Nelson. She was a friend of a friend and volunteered to take him in. Granny had heard some stories concerning Ms. Nelson, but if she was willing to take the boy that was all that mattered. As Jacob was legally old enough to drop out of school, Granny filed the necessary paperwork and hauled him away to give his custody over to Ms. Nelson. No mention of the insurance settlements that his step grandmother now controlled ever came up.

The house was surprisingly secluded in a large city. It spoke of old wealth and a creepiness that Jacob likened to scenes from a horror movie. The door was opened by an older woman in her mid to late fifties, thin but very sinewy with cold grey eyes wearing a grey maids uniform and large white pinafore apron.

"This the boy I reckon," she said as she led them into the foyer. "Boy! You sit there on that chair while we go see Ms. Nelson," the maid ordered.

He didn't have to sit very long as his step-grandmother returned and without a goodbye or other comment left the house closely followed by the maid. "Come on boy," she ordered him. "Follow me up to your room so we can clean you up proper to see Ms. Nelson. Don't dawdle boy! Come on."

"Excuse me, ma'am, my luggage? Granny didn't bring it in," Jacob tentatively began only to be told to hush and everything would be taken care of. Jacob turned to face the door and took one step towards it when he felt a vice like grip take hold of his upper right arm. Her grip was stronger than most of the guys he played football with.

"Ouch, that hurts," he said as he tried unsuccessfully to pull away.

"Boy you had better do as I say when I say it or this ain't nothing compared to the bare bottom spanking you're going to get. Now come along."

He followed her upstairs and into a large room where she released the iron like grip on his arm. He was too busy rubbing his arm to pay attention to the room for a few moments then gasped in both surprise and fear.

" is a...a... girl's room, a sissy girl's room at that," he managed to stammer. "I...I ca...can't stay here!"

"Of course you can and you will!" the maid retorted. "In time, you will learn to positively love this room in paradise. Now come on, we don't have all day. The bathroom is over here and we need to get you cleaned up. Come on now."

Jacob was in shock and did not see the maid reach over and pick up the wooden hair brush. The room was painted egg shell white with a four inch floral boarder in pastel pinks, greens, lilacs, and blues. The polished wooden floor was covered in thick fluffy pink throw rugs and a major portion was taken up by a king sized canopied bed. The bed was painted antique white with gold leaf trim and the headboard had a beautiful bouquet of pastel flowers painted in its center. The canopy was pale soft pink chiffon that cascaded down the frame in lusciously thick folds held back to the bed posts by white satin ropes. A deep pink satin comforter covered the mattress and the three large pillows at the head of the bed were covered in lace edged pale pink satin. A large Victorian styled doll sat merrily on the center pillow, its golden sausage curls flowed down its porcelain smiling face. Two matching glass topped chiffon skirted end tables with ivory porcelain doll lamps were on each side of the massive bed. Off to the left near the bathroom door stood a matching lighted vanity and mirror with pink satin seat and skirted in soft pink chiffon. A large matching bureau stood on the other side of the room near the large walk in closet. There were two Victorian pictures on the wall facing the bed, one depicted two young boys holding hands romping in a park one wearing pink and one blue satin clothing with white lacey shirts and the other depicted two naked male cupids kissing while hovering over another pair of boys dressed in satin knee pants with lots of lace. To make matters worse, the room reeked of a sweet floral perfume.

He was broken out of his sock when the maid touched his shoulder and told him to start undressing. Gasping as if it were his first breath after nearly drowning, Jacob panicked and did his best to turn and run for his life, but the maid was too quick for him. In moments he found himself across her lap as she sat on the vanity stool.

"Boy you are going to learn to obey or you will not be sitting down any time in the near future," she said as she began pounding his jean covered posterior with the hair brush. It took her longer than she would have thought it should but finally he was begging for mercy. When she thought that he truly had had enough, she put down the brush and forcing him to stand began stripping him. Naked and embarrassed, he had no choice but to follow her into the bathroom as she had a firm hold on his right ear.

"Now boy stand still while I examine what I have to work with here," she ordered as she examined him. She turned him slowly around and much to his surprise and embarrassment held his genitals in her hand. When he attempted to regain some of his modesty, she squeezed them and he froze.

"I said stand still!" she barked at him.

"Looks like you haven't finished your puberty yet," she mumbled to herself, "but you still have too much hair. That can be easily gotten rid of...mmmmmm...not much shape, but that can be remedied as well...the hair is a mess but the salon can fix that..."

"Okay boy, stay where you are while I fill the tub and get things ready," she said much more loudly. With that, she shut the bathroom door and locked it with a key.

The maid quickly donned a white rubber apron and gloves. She placed a pink flower covered white plastic shower cap on his head carefully tucking all the stray hair up into its confines. Then holding a large jar in her left hand, she began applying the thick white crËme all over his torso leaving only his face and head uncovered. Next, she took a strip of pink tape and pressed it tightly against his upper lip. Letting the tape sit a moment, she then quickly pulled it off eliciting a loud yelp of pain from Jacob. As he tried to raise his hands to his face, she slapped them away telling him to stand still until told otherwise.

By the time the tub had filled with foaming iridescent bubbles that gave off a strong lilac scent, Jacob was hopping on his toes from the itching and burning of his skin. He had no objection when the maid told him to get into the tub anything to calm the burning of his tender flesh.

The maid took a rough sponge and began scrubbing off the crËme taking hair and skin alike off his body. His modesty was not spared as she made very sure that his groin and ass were thoroughly cleansed. Using a pumice stone she rubbed the calluses from his feet and elbows. Finally, she took a cotton applicator and carefully cleaned out his ears and to his surprise using a small tool removed the nasal hairs from his nose.

Out of the tub and patted dry, she led him over to the sink where she forced his head down and began shampooing his unruly hair. She shampooed and conditioned his hair twice before putting a pink satin cotton lined turban over it. He was given a pink tooth brush and a feminine deodorant and told to finish up by himself while she prepared to finish his toilet.

With that done, she spread a cool lilac scented moisturizing lotion all over his body without any heed to his modesty. As she was putting away the moisturizer, Jacob let out a soft sigh. The moisturizer was the only thing that had happened to him that day that actually felt good.

"Surely she must be finished with this embarrassing bath now," he thought. "Hell, what else can she do to me?"

When he saw what she was preparing, he almost had a stroke and tried to get out the door. She was quick and again he found himself bent over and she was spanking his bare bottom with her leathery hand. The stinging slaps actually seemed to hurt more than when she used the hair brush and he soon surrendered. What dignity he had was completely dispelled by what she did next.

Taking the pink rubber bulb after filling it with soapy warm water she instructed him in the proper use of the douche. The white plastic nozzle with its thick head hurt at first, but the embarrassment hurt even more. He turned even redder as his penis began to lengthen and grow stiff. The maid noticed and with a quick flick of her index finger brought it back to softness. Jacob's eyes watered from the pain, but managed to hold back a cry of anguish.

She made him douche three times before she was satisfied and then added insult to injury by making him insert a heavy day's tampon. She not only showed him how to do each step of his daily cleansing, she also made him read the instructions that came with each device. Wrapping a towel around his chest and tucking it into his none existent cleavage, she finally led him back into the bedroom. She told him as they went that she expected him to memorize both instruction books that came with his douche kit and tampons. To make sure he wouldn't forget, she pierced both pamphlets and threaded a pink ribbon through them and tied it around his left wrist.

Seated at the vanity, before she removed the turban and began combing out his long hair, coated his face with a facial mask. She quickly parted his hair down the middle and created bangs by snipping off the hair just above his brows. Taking a blow dryer and a round brush she did her best to create a feminine looking hair style. Putting the blow drier away, she took a red velvet bow and fastened it to the top of his head letting the streamers fall to his shoulders creating a flat ponytail in the process. Finished with his hair, she pushed his head back and began tweezing his brows into high arches. With that done, she peeled off the mask and began applying liquid foundation. Almost thirty minutes later she stood back and admired her work. His face resembled that of the Victorian doll sitting on the bed. His face had bright red cupid lips, black feminine brows, lined eyes with blue lids and a pale smooth milky face with pink blush on the cheeks. She wasn't finished with his grooming yet. While not letting him look into the mirror, she began filing and shaping his nails. Once filed and polished in a bright red varnish she told him to keep his fingers spread until the polish dried.

Grabbing his earlobe, she turned his head towards the mirror smiling widely at the stunned and shocked look on his face. "Now boy I want you to look at yourself and say out loud so that I can hear you real good...'I'm so pretty. I just love the way I look.' You keep repeating that until I tell you to stop." It wasn't until the maid twisted his ear and repeated her instructions before Jacob began the embarrassing response.

As he was doing that, the maid went to the bureau and began collecting his clothing. When she finished, she had him stand up and removed the towel. Taking his hand she pulled him over to the bed and had him sit where she had put the clothing. Taking the first thing off the pile, she made him spread his legs and with a look just daring him to say or do something, slid the pale violet satin sheath with it's rubber lining over his penis and balls tying the bright thin violet satin ribbons securing it at the base of his penis and again at the base of his scrotal sack. Taking firm hold of the long violet satin ribbon attached to the tip, she pulled it through his legs forcing the penis back underneath and tied the ends around his waist.

A pair of bright red nylon pantaloons with pink lace around the knees was followed by a matching satin corset which she laced to where Jacob felt like he was being cut into two. A pretty red satin training bra with eyelet lace trim and a small pink bow at its center soon followed. After adjusting the straps to the bra, she pulled a bright red nylon camisole over his head, the hem trimmed in fine floral lace. A bright white satin blouse with billowing sleeves, ruffled lace jabot and a high lace frilled collar that hugged his neck was buttoned up the back. Next she pulled white nylon knee high stockings up his legs and forced his feet into bright red patent leather Mary Jane's with cross strap, two inch heels and large gold rectangular buckles. The shoes were very tight and his feet felt crushed under their pressure. She then had him step into a pair of bright red velvet shorts. The legs only came to mid thigh, had a low waist and a sailor gold button fly front. The fit was tight almost like it had been sprayed on and made his front look exceptionally smooth while crushing his balls painfully and his ass cheeks looked high and well rounded. A bright white satin sash was tied around his waist and his dressing was topped off with an Eaton style red velvet jacket. White lace fingerless gloves were pulled over his hands and he was then led to the mirror.

He had an idea of what he must have looked like but what was revealed before the mirror stunned him. He looked ridiculous and so different. As he raised his lace covered hand towards his face the bright red enamel on his nails reflected back at him. The juvenile and feminine dress seemed to laugh back at him and his head began to swim. The maid caught him around the waist just before he fell to the ground in a swoon.

The strong scent of ammonia brought him back to consciousness and as soon as he realized that it had not been a nightmare almost fainted again. The maid pulled him to his feet and with a swat to his bottom, told him it was time to practice his mannerisms.

When he showed a slight bit of reluctance, she swatted his rounded backside with the wooden hairbrush. "Now with your left hand place it on your hip wrist in, fingers pointed out," she began his instruction. "Place your right foot forward in a single step while you hold your right elbow in close to your side, elbow bent up, wrist loose move with your hip. Now repeat the step, using your left foot, carefully placing it directly in front of your right foot while moving your left hip forward. Good, now continue just like that around the room. Head up and chest out while you move boy. Don't make me use this brush on that pretty backside. Remember to walk on the balls of your feet before placing the heel down. That's it. I want to see a big smile on that face too. Come on keep moving and smile."

After what seemed like an eternity, she allowed him to sit on the vanity stool, but that became a bigger pain than walking in the tight constricting shoes. She had him sit down with his legs pressed tightly together feet pointed straight out in front after smoothing the back of his shorts. Then she had him practice crossing his legs while keeping his calves close together. Hands clasped in his lap, arms tight to his sides. Then stand and repeat the process over and over until she was almost satisfied with his progress. After about forty five minutes of this, his legs and feet were shooting lightening bolts of pain throughout his body.

Next, she had him stand and practice performing curtseys. "Elegantly grab the hem of your shorts between the tips of your thumb and forefinger, pull out gently on the hem...I don't care if the material does not move. When you are in skirts and dresses it will...and with the left foot back behind your right foot dip into a curtsey. Remember to keep your eyes demurely cast down boy. Now do it again. While you are doing this, I want you to say so that I can clearly hear, 'I just love how I look and move. I feel so pretty.'"

Just before he collapsed from exhaustion, she allowed him to lie down on the bed. "Boy, you just rest for a few minutes while I tidy up a few things. Just leave all your clothing on. When I get back, I expect you to get out of bed, curtsey to me and tell me that you just love the way you look and thank me for helping you look your best. Understood? Now get some rest."

He heard her leave the room and the audible click of the door locking. As there were no windows or other way out of the room, he stayed where he was. He felt tears forming, but was too exhausted to do anything other than fall into a deep but fitful sleep.

It seemed like he had just closed his eyes when he felt a tugging on his arm and the maid telling him to wake up and get out of bed. He reached up to rub in eyes, but she slapped his hand away telling him that he would smear his make up. The physical contact cleared his sleep numbed mind and the realization that he was not in a nightmare hit him full force. Half pulled and half rising out of the bed, Jacob put his shaky feet on the ground.

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"Why are you doing this to me," he asked as he stood up beside the bed. "I'm no sissy or a girl...why..."

Again, before he knew what hit him, Jacob found himself bent over the bed with his backside raised high in the air. The hairbrush landed squarely on his backside with a loud "Smack" and he yelled in both fright and pain. The blows rained down in rapid strong strokes for what seemed to him like hours, but only lasted a few minutes. By the time the maid had finished delivering his punishment; large crocodile tears were running down his face.

"I believe that I told you upon arising to say that 'I just love the way I look and thank you for making me look my best.' As far as to why I am doing this to you, all you need to know is that Ms. Nelson decided this was best for you. Ms. Nelson will be obeyed in all things. Is that completely understood? Now come along, we need to make you presentable."

With that, he was taken back into the bathroom. There his face was cleansed and make up reapplied after brushing his teeth with his new pink toothbrush. After she brushed his clothing into shape, the maid had him practice his walking, sitting, and curtseying before ushering him downstairs.

Now he was standing before Ms. Nelson who was sitting in a large armchair dressed in loose fitting lounging attire. Her attire was like a jump suit, the body of which was made of silver satin and full flowing long sleeves of pale grey chiffon. Her blond hair was piled in ringlets atop her head held in place with a silver satin ribbon. Her full round cheeks were dusted in a pale pink blush, her full lips a deep fire engine red and her eyes were deep set, dark and brooding.

"Pig's eyes," was the first thought Jacob had when he had briefly looked upon her face. "A circus fat lady," was his second thought. However, when she finally spoke in a surprisingly deep and resonating voice, he thought "I'm fucked!"

"So Jacob, I see that Matilda has worked some of her miracles on you, but obviously there is yet much to be done. As you have noticed, I run a very tight ship around here and expect everything and everyone to meet my exacting specifications. I, like your grandmother, do not tolerate young men. They are devious, ungracious, quarrelsome bullies who have caused much of the world's problems. The only reason you are here is because I owed your grandmother a favor. She has given over your upbringing and guardianship completely to me. Therefore, as I take my responsibilities seriously, you will be brought up as I think best for you. She has dropped you out of school, but don't think that your education is over. You will be trained to appreciate the female of the species, to obey them as they are your superiors, and educated in a field that I think will see you gainfully employed so that you will not become dependent on the social welfare system."

She paused a moment to sip some champagne from a fluted crystal glass before continuing. "Since you are new to my household, you are being regressed to sissyhood until such time that you can prove yourself a better person. Once you have proven yourself, we will allow you to progress out of sissyhood. What you end up being is totally up to you but until then I am placing you completely under the guidance of Matilda. The sooner you learn your lessons under her instruction, the sooner you may lead your own life."

Seeing that he was about to speak, she shook her finger in the air. "I have not given you permission to speak yet Jacob! I can see the question you want to ask reflected in your face. No, this is not a punishment of any sort. You must be broken of all the inequalities that maleness has ingrained into you from birth. To do this successfully, we must start all over from the beginning. If being treated like a sissy is abhorrent to you, then I recommend that before you say anything, you consider what it would be like to be regressed to babyhood. Imagine being totally dependant on Matilda to change your dirty diapers, feed you your formula, dress you in pretty little girlie dresses, only being able to crawl and play with your dollies and never allowed to speak. I admit that this is a drastic step in that it takes so much of Matilda's private time but she is more than willing to do so. Now if you understand everything that I have said, you may give me a curtsey and say 'thank you Ms. Nelson for helping and caring for me.'"

Jacob stood stunned hardly believing what his ears were hearing. The mere thought of having to wear and worse use diapers sent a shiver down his back. He knew that both of these women were nuttier than fruit cakes but he couldn't think of a way out. His basic instinct was to run as fast and as far as he could no matter how he was currently dressed. However his brain told him to wait, do as she suggested and then when the time was right run like hell. So after a few moments of indecision, he dropped into a curtsey and said the required words.

"Good, very good Jacob, you have just made one small step forward in your retraining." Ms. Nelson said. "Now I think a more appropriate name is in order here. Matilda what do you think about the name 'Camille' for our new sissy? Don't you think such a feminine sounding name fitting for our new charge?"

Jacob almost fainted with the pronouncement of his new name. The combination of not having eaten since early morning, the tightness of the corset and clothing, and the impact of what had been said was almost too much. Matilda seeing that he was just about to fall stepped up and grabbed him around the waist as she agreed that the name Camille was just perfect. With that, Ms. Nelson indicated that they should leave and settled back into her plush armchair.

"Come along Camille," Matilda said as she half dragged him into the kitchen. There she placed a pristine white nylon bib styled apron with ruffled sleeves and hem over his head and tied it in a large fluffy bow in back. Guiding him over to the table she helped him sit. "Camille, I am going to fix you something to eat then you are going to help me clean the kitchen and prepare tonight's dinner," she finished as she turned to the refrigerator.

With his late lunch of eight crackers, small mixed salad, and glass of diet supplement completed, he was handed carrots and potatoes to wash and pare for dinner. She told him to remove his lace gloves and put on a pair of pink rubber ones before starting. Matilda was making a pot roast in a Dutch oven. As she cut the portions Camille began mopping and cleaning the kitchen. After everything was completed, they sat down at the kitchen table and had a cup of herbal tea. Jacob was feeling much better but was exhausted and Matilda could see it in his eyes.

"Camille, I know that you are tired but you will get use to the routine and training schedule soon enough," she stated.

"But Matilda," he began but was immediately told to refer to her as Miss Matilda and that when referring to Ms. Nelson would use the honorific of Mistress.

"Miss Matilda," he began again, "I'm still so hungry an...and this corset is tearing me in two..."

He was stopped by Matilda's raised hand. "Camille you must watch your weight and you will get use to your corset over time. I expect your waist to be down from its current 28 inches to less than 23 before we are finished with your initial training. To help you with your exhaustion, I will get you on a vitamin regiment and exercise program. Each morning, beginning tomorrow, you will arise at precisely 5:00 a.m., perform your obligations, then one hour of aerobics. At six you will attend to your bath and morning toilet. By seven you will be dressed for the day, assist me in the kitchen, and then clean up. At 8:30 you will attend to your lessons until noon when again you will assist me in the kitchen. We will continue your lessons at one thirty until five thirty when we will prepare dinner. After everything is cleaned up and put away for the evening you will have two hours to read and study your lessons. At nine thirty you will begin your nightly beauty regiment and then to bed no later than ten thirty. Do I make myself clear? Good, now let me get your vitamins then we can get back to work."

Jacob was still trying to digest everything that she had just said when Matilda returned and handed him his vitamins and a glass of water. He was surprised at the number of them. There was a large purple pill, two small pink pills, one small white and one yellow, and a large grey pill in his hand as he raised them to his lips. He did not know what they were exactly, but from the look in Matilda's eyes knew that he had to take them without complaint.

Matilda followed behind as they walked back up stairs. Whenever he failed to walk heel and toe with his arms and hands in the appropriate position, she hit his swaying behind with her ever present hair brush. He felt the tampon moving inside him and a tug on his penis within its protective sheath with each sway of his hips. The pull of the bra straps and the constraint of the corset keeping his back straight were also disconcerting. He was too afraid of what he looked like walking in such a swishy manner that he dared not dwell on it.

Once in the room, he was led into the bathroom where he was told to remove his shorts and panties and sit to pee. She explained that the sheath was rubber lined and had an opening allowing the passage of urine but that he would have to sit like a girl and wipe afterwards. Blushing he did as told and went crimson when she told him to remove his tampon and handed him a new one.

After redressing and refreshing his make up, he was led back into the bedroom where he spent the next three hours practicing his walking, sitting, curtseying and voice. She now expected him to speak in a soft lilting voice while repeating over and over "I feel so pretty oh so pretty I just love the way I look. I love my beautiful new clothes and frilly undies oh so much. Thank you Miss Matilda and Mistress Nelson for making me feel so pretty."

Actually, he felt totally disgusted with himself and the way he was letting these women dictate his life. He let his concentration slip as he contemplated how he was going to escape and the swift bite of a riding crop across his lower thighs made him get back to business. The riding crop was the latest addition to his learning aides and its biting cut caught his immediate attention.

By the end of the three hours with only a few fifteen minute breaks, Jacob was exhausted both mentally and physically. There wasn't a spot on his body that he could say did not hurt or burn. Even his voice was sore from the constant humiliating words he had been forced to repeat over and over again.

When dinner was served, he was positively drooling over the rich aromatic smells coming from the oven. His expectations of a fine meal were dashed when Matilda handed him a plate containing one cooked carrot, salad with a vinaigrette dressing, and one thin slice of roast accompanied by a glass of supplement and one purple and two pink pills. He had tears in his eyes as he gazed at his plate.

Dinner over and the kitchen cleaned, they went back to his bedroom where Matilda set up a voice recorder and had him read British love sonnets after listening to the same sonnet read by a very feminine voice. Her instructions were simple. If his voice did not sound much improved by the end of the hour he would receive five strokes of the crop. Needless to say, Jacob did his best to copy the feminine voice and managed to receive only one stroke of the crop.

Before beginning his evening toilet, Matilda gave him some time to himself. During this time, he was to memorize his two instruction pamphlets on tampons and douching. She gave him a yellow pad and pencil to make any necessary notes. Telling him as she left, "I expect to see important points on both subjects written in a fine neat script Camille. By the way, I think little hearts over the 'eyes' are so cute. Don't you?"

Matilda entered his room without knocking and quickly reached his side where he had been writing down his notes on the uses of tampons and douches. She scanned them and said, "Well for a first try I guess I can accept this, but tomorrow we will work on your penmanship. Now come along and let me help you get undressed."

With that said, she stripped him down to his panties, corset and bra. Leading him by the hand, he was taken into the bathroom. After cleansing his make up off with cold cream, he washed his face and was allowed to sit to pee and remove his soiled tampon. He cringed as Matilda handed him a new one. After washing his hands, Jacob stood before the sink while she brushed his teeth for him.

"Just like some juvenile little kid," he thought. He wanted to pull away and tell her that he could do that himself but he remembered just in time what the consequences would be. Jacob certainly did not want to wind up in diapers.

Taken back into the bedroom, he was instructed to sit on the vanity stool. There she instructed him on how to further cleanse his face and add moisturizer. His face cleaned and put into a green facial mask, Matilda began putting his hair up in bright pink plastic rollers.

Again he wanted to protest but held his tongue. Not so much of what she was doing to his hair rather the sharp pain the bristles and tight roll was doing to his scalp.

Finished with his hair, she removed the mask which had hardened and easily peeled off his face. Next she handed him a jar of body lotion to rub into his exposed skin especially his elbows and heels. With that done, she helped him into a pair of fresh bright green chiffon bloomers with white lace frilled cuffs and a matching baby doll knife edge pleated gown with a square collar frilled with white lace. As a final indignation, she placed a very frilly pink and white lace mop cap over his tightly rolled hair.

As she tucked the satin sheet under his chin, Matilda told him, "Remember that if you try to disobey me in any way, you will end up in diapers and plastic panties. Believe me when I say that if that happens, you will use them to the point where you will have to be potty trained all over again. Understand Camille? Now go to sleep. If I hear any noise or discover that you did anything naughty, you will be in diapers this time tomorrow."

Jacob was too intimidated to even think about getting out of bed or disobeying her. He just lay in the big bed with tears in his eyes as he wondered over and over again what he had done so wrong to end up in this horrible place. Eventually, even the discomfort of the bristle rollers in his hair and tight corset couldn't keep him from an exhausted sleep.

He was awoken in the early morning and quickly stripped of all his clothing with the exception of the mop cap. Jacob let out a loud sigh of relief as the corset was removed and rubbed his red indented sides. As his hand messaged his body, he could feel the indentations left by the steel stays of the corset.

Noticing him rubbing his sides, Matilda said, "Hurts some at first but your body will get use to it in time. I wore one for ages and it did wonders for my figure."

Again taken by the hand, Jacob was led into the bathroom were a tub full of multicolored bubbles awaited. Before he was allowed to soak his aching body, Matilda led him over to the cabinet and handed him his douche kit and a fresh tampon. After filling the pink rubber bag with warm soapy water, he screwed in the white ridged plastic nozzle.

"Camille slowly insert the nozzle, pushing it all the way in, then slowly remove it. You will do that twenty times before slowly squeezing the bulb. I know that was not mentioned in the instructions but since you are a sissy boy you will have to do it that way.

Grunting softly, Jacob did as instructed with great embarrassment as his penis began to stiffen. By the second cleansing, his penis was stiff and did not go unnoticed by Matilda.

"Well if that isn't exactly how a little sissy boy reacts to his cleansing. We'll have to make sure that little thing of yours doesn't make any messy mess. Now don't we? I asked you a question sissy boy. Yes we do." She took a condom from the medicine cabinet and holding his stiff member with one hand, rolled the bright pink latex up his shaft. This time, she made him work the nozzle much faster and harder into his bottom. Matilda did not let him squeeze the bulb until she saw him begin to fill the condom.

It was a mortified and emotionally drained young man sitting on the commode as Matilda reached down and removed the pink condom. Holding it up before his eyes, she said, "Not much here to brag about. A real man would have put five times as much into this. I see that Ms. Nelson was right about you being nothing more than a sissy boy Camille."

With that said noticing his stricken face, she reached out with her free hand and pinched his nose. When he opened his mouth to breathe, she pushed the pink condom into it. "Camille you made the mess so you get to clean it up. Don't even think about spitting that out, you hear me. Just keep it there until we finish with your bath and it had better be clean when you take it out."

As the taste of lubricated latex and his own cum filled his mouth, Jacob wanted to throw up. He had to swallow back the bile twice before the nausea stopped and in the process some of his own cum. What was left of his male ego was being splintered into smaller and smaller fragments. He was so humiliated and embarrassed, he couldn't hold up his head.

After he had inserted the new tampon and cleaned up his douche kit, Matilda led him over to the bath. There she scrubbed every inch of his body with a natural sponge and made sure his ears were clean. Out of the tub, she patted him dry then had him powder his body with lavender scented talc. She brushed his teeth for him and had him smooth a feminine deodorant under his arms. To add to his shame, she made him use a vaginal powder on his anal area and handed him the instructional pamphlet that came with it to read and memorize later. Finally, she had him take the condom from his mouth and display it for her in his palm.

"Good," she said, "Now roll it up in toilet paper so that others will not see it and place it in the trash basket. Notice, I said place not throw or drop it in the basket."

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Wrapping the fluffy pink towel around him girl style, she took the greatly embarrassed young man by the hand and led him back to the bedroom. Seated at the vanity, she began applying make up to one side of his face while telling him exactly what she was doing and why. First she used concealer under the eye and the few splotches on his face. This was followed by a pale foundation, powder to set the base coat, a rosy dark pink blush, eyelash curler, dark black mascara and eye liner, pale pink eye shadow blended into a dark rose pink, black eyebrow pencil and finally a thick coat of rose pink lipstick.

It took Jacob what seemed like forever before he satisfied Matilda. It had been especially hard for him to get his eye liner just good enough to please her. He was in no way pleased with the results as he thought he looked like a ridiculously over made up doll.

With his make up done, she had him stand and remove the towel. Grabbing his penis, she quickly slid a vivid yellow satin rubber lined sheath up the shaft. Taking the equally vivid yellow satin ribbons tied it securely around his balls and waist. He watched in continued horror as she gathered his clothing and dressed him.

Bright yellow panty girdle with diamond satin insert and a pair of matching bridal satin pantaloons with four tiers of bright white floral lace around the legs was first. The satin pantaloons made an unnerving loud swishing sound whenever he moved. A yellow satin corset was fastened securely around him that made him gasp for air. A matching lace trimmed training bra and lacy camisole soon followed.

When he thought he could endure no more, Matilda brought out a pale yellow front pleated almost sheer polyester blouse with billowing sleeves and lacy cuffs that buttoned up the back with small pearl buttons. A lime green pair of velvet short shorts were tugged up his legs and fastened with a zipper and large gold button at the rear. To hide the zipper, a wide bright forest green satin bow with streamers was hooked just under the button. The shorts were form fitting and very tight.

Back on the vanity stool, she quickly pulled white knee highs up his hairless legs and fastened them in place with lime green satin garters. Yellow patent leather pumps with pointed toes and a two inch heel were forced onto his feet. They were hurting his feet even before he stood and put pressure on them. His toes were just not accustomed to being squeezed like that.

With his dressing completed, she turned him facing the mirror and began fixing his hair. In less time than it took to put them in, the rollers were out and his now curly hair brushed out in a somewhat feminine do. As a finishing touch, Matilda fastened a bright lime green satin bow to the top of his head and spritzed him with a heavy floral scented perfume.

"Come along Camille. It is time to prepare breakfast and then we must be off for your salon appointment," she said as she took his hand and began leading him out the door.

Jacob dug in his heels as he heard her pronouncement. "...B...bu...but Miss Matilda ...I mean...I can't go out looking like this...." He managed to stutter.

"And what is wrong with the way you are dressed Camille? You look adorable in that outfit and I will not hear another word about it. Imagine that, just a sissy boy for one day and you are already asking for fancier clothing. Maybe if you are a good sissy boy, Mz. Nelson will let you go shopping with her later. Now come along. I am hungry and we are running a bit late."

"Miss Matilda, please. I didn't mean that....."

"Camille, one more word or resistance and I will tan your pretty pantied backside with my crop. You will hurry along and you will go to your salon appointment. If you do not start speaking as you were taught yesterday and before speaking and answering, curtsey prettily for me, it will be diapers for two months. Understood?"

After the dishes were put away and the kitchen cleaned, she took him back to his room to freshen his make up. She saw the tears forming in his eyes and with a couple of swats with her crop on his pantaloon covered thighs she informed him that if he smeared his mascara a worse punishment could be expected.

Before leaving for the salon, she had him practice his ultra-feminine walk and voice. As they left the bedroom, Matilda handed him a small strapped pink patent leather purse with a white kitten on it to him along with a white lace edged hankie.

"Put the strap of the purse over your left wrist and hold the hankie between your thumb and forefinger in your right hand," she instructed as they went to the car.

At the car, she told him to first turn away from the seat and slowly lower his bottom. Once in, to lift his legs while holding them tightly together, turn to face the front. Seated he should neatly fold his hands in his lap. The corset made slumping almost impossible but his head was held down in shame. Starting the car, she ordered him to sit with his head up straight.

About an hour later they arrived at a small run down strip mall in the inner city. On one side was a Vietnamese Grocery beside it a tattoo parlor and anchoring the end was the "Little Sissy Spa and Salon." As the car pulled to a stop right in front of the salon, Jacob got a big lump in his throat. "At least there doesn't seem to be any people standing around," he thought as opened the door. Ms. Matilda was standing out side his door waiting as he remembered to turn on his bottom keeping his legs together and exit the car. Carefully placing the purse around his left wrist and picking up the hankie, he followed closely beside her. The swishing of his bridal satin pantaloons seemed louder than the crash of ocean storm waves as he minced his way into the salon.

What first seemed to be a pretty teenage girl sitting behind the desk greeted them and told Matilda that Mr. Henri would be right with them. Something about the girl did not look just right and then he noticed her name tag. It read "Sissy Paulette."

"This can't be a guy looking like that, can it?" He thought. "The face looks a little out of sorts and....oh my...her make up is tattooed on and look at those other tattoos. They are so feminine. Can't be no guy. No self respecting guy anyway." His thoughts were interrupted as a swishy man walked into the receptionist's area. (see "Paulette" by moi at FM)

"Mz. Matilda, I am Mr. Henri, your specialist," he said as he took her hand in a limp wristed handshake. "And this, I presume, is Miss Camille." With that, Mr. Henri stepped over to Jacob and much to his surprise gave him a peck on the left cheek. "Welcome to my humble establishment. Would you like some tea Mz. Matilda while we get started on your charming Camille?"

They were escorted into the belly of the beast as Jacob would call it and he was given into the care of a large masculine looking woman. In a back room, she began undressing him and when he protested, quickly upended him over her ample lap and gave him ten solid smacks to his round bottom. Telling him to cooperate or else, she finished removing his remaining clothing and told to get up on the padded table.

There she covered his body and beard line up past his sideburns with a jelly like paste. He was shocked when she coated his entire genital area. Placing cotton padding over his eyes, she rolled over a strange looking machine and soon a pulsating light began playing over his jelly covered frontal area. All Jacob could sense was the cool jelly heating up to an almost painful burn and he dared not move. He had been told that if the eye shields fell off or he moved he could be seriously hurt. Finally he was turned over and the jelly applied to his backside. He felt something spread his ass cheeks wide apart and the cool jelly applied between the crack of his ass. Again the heated feeling, then he was told to get up and led to a shower. A shelf in the shower held a fragrant bar of soap, natural sponge, and a bottle of pink body lotion. He was told to wash his body clean and then apply the body lotion when he had finished.

Washing off the jelly, he noticed that his skin was pink in color and that what side burns he had were now gone. Stepping from the shower, he quickly dried himself with a large towel hanging beside the stall and wrapped it around his waist. He stepped into the pink paper slippers that were on the floor and started to move when the woman told him to put his towel around his body like he should. "Camille you had better remember that sissies are never immodest or you will be punished. Now come along, we have a lot to do," she informed him as she led him to a chair beside a shampoo sink.

Shampooed twice and conditioned, he was taken to Mr. Henri's work station. He was given a bright pink smock to put on and helped into the stylist chair. As Mr. Henri was sectioning, covering each section with a foul smelling lotion and then covering each section in foil, a young girl began giving him a manicure and pedicure.

She added acrylic nail extensions to his fingers and shaped them in rounded points. While she was doing that his feet were soaking in a warm bath. By the time she was finished, Jacob had bright pink nails a half inch past the tips of his fingers and matching polish covered each toe. She had completed his finger nails just as Mr. Henri had completed preparing Jacob's hair for the dryer and his feet by the time he headed back to the shampoo chair.

Back at Mr. Henri chair, his now golden blonde hair was put in small tightly wound rods and another foul smelling lotion applied. He didn't have long to wait before he was led back to the shampoo stand. "I wonder if you can drown hair and kill it by washing it this much," he thought idly as he was led once again to the drier. He spent more time under the drier this time. He thought that his scalp was burned when they pulled him from under it. Mr. Henri removed the rods and began brushing it out.

Jacob had an idea of what they were doing to him but hadn't seen the results. He could tell by the broad smile on Ms. Matilda's face that she certainly liked it. "Just like a short haired Goldilocks," she said as she approached them.

"I am glad that you approve Madam," Mr. Henri said. "Do you want me to do the piercing now or would you like me to perform some other minor miracles that we offer."

"Oh your catalog is most interesting Mr. Henri but I think just the piercings we discussed will do for now. I'll mention your other offering to Mz. Nelson when we get home."

Jacob was really nervous and scared now. "Piercings....other things...what piercings," he thought. "I gotta stop this some how from going any further."

Before he could react, Mr. Henri saw the "deer in the headlights" look in his eyes change to one of flight and quickly strapped him into the chair. "There, there Camille, nothing to worry your pretty little head over. I'm just going to pierce your ears and one nostril. That's all. So calm down darling sissy," he said.

Shortly, Jacob had two holes in each lobe and one in his left nostril. The top holes contained gold studs with bright green stones in them. The right ear lobe also had another stud with a bright pink stone in it. The lower left lobe contained a small gold round hoop with three very dainty gold chains hanging from it which were attached to a small stud in his left nostril. The chains draped femininely across his left cheek.

"Camille darling, go with Martha and she will help you get dressed," Mr. Henri said as he began un-strapping Jacob.

"Mz. Matilda are you sure that I can't perform some other service for you beside the lazar hair removal we did earlier. You know I can make such a pretty little sissy so much more feminine." Jacob heard as he was led away. He was very thankful when he heard Miss. Matilda reply that she did not.

As he was being dress by Martha, Jacob had the chance to examine himself closely in the wall to wall mirror of the dressing room. Just as he feared, he looked totally ridiculous. His hair was a bright gold color in small corkscrew curls. It was too short to be a girl's yet too feminine to be a boy's hair style. The piercings were just as bad. The ones in his ears were definitely feminine but what girl would have golden chains dangling across their cheek. As he reached up to touch the dangling chains, Martha told him he would have to be very careful that he didn't snag them on anything or he could rip them out.

"That would be very painful, my dear," she added as she pulled the corset strings tight.

His make up was reapplied before they left the salon. Jacob couldn't wait to get back to the relative safety of the house. All he needed was for some guys to see him looking like this to totally ruin his life. He became even more afraid when instead of walking to the car, Miss. Matilda headed in the direction of the tattoo parlor.

Before he could say anything, she told him that because of his behavior at the salon and at the house he was going to be punished. "At the salon you did not walk like a proper sissy nor did you curtsey or use the proper tone of voice we have been practicing. Additionally, you tried to resist Miss Martha when she was helping you undress and had to be spanked. Therefore, I have decided to get you a reminder of your improper behavior by getting you a pretty little hummingbird tattoo over your left breast," she informed him.

"By the way, if you do anything and I mean anything to embarrass me while you get your tattoo; you will be a very sorry little sissy. Perhaps a barbell through your tongue and other more elaborate tattoos would be in order, if you understand my meaning Camille."

The only thing that could be heard as they walked the short distance to the tattoo parlor was the loud swishing of his pantaloons. At the parlor door, he hesitated only briefly to swallow hard and set his mind. He had to make sure that he did nothing to further piss off Miss. Matilda. The very last things he wanted were feminine tattoos and piercings.

The tattoo parlor proved to be both humiliating and very painful. He had to curtsey to the two men in the parlor and then in his feminine voice beg them to tattoo a cute little hummingbird over his left breast.

Laughing the larger of the two men said that he had to have proof of age before he could do anything. When Jacob looked blankly at Ms. Matilda she nodded towards his little pink purse. Opening it up, he found his driver's license, a tampon, a tube of lipstick and some tissues. Turning a bright shade of pink, he handed over his license.

"Well, well, look missy this license was issued to a Jacob and you don't look like no Jacob I've ever seen."

"Oh, but that's really is me," Jacob had to say while blushing for all he was worth. "If you don't believe me, you can as Miss. Matilda who is with me. She works for my guardian."

"Yes, that is our sweet little sissy boy. Jacob has always been the sweet little girly boy that you see standing before you. That is except that one time when he tried being a real boy when he started driving. As you can see by that picture on the license, he wasn't much of a macho man like you two. Camille, as he likes to be called, couldn't wait to get back into his frillies. Didn't you my precious?"

Doing his utmost to keep the tears out of his eyes, Jacob answered, "Of course I couldn't wait to get back into my pretty clothes Miss Matilda. I just luv my pretties."

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It took the artist about two hours to do his work and it was done out in the open where everyone could see him. The bright green and red throated hummingbird stood out on his pale white skin. It would very difficult to miss seeing if he ever dared to bare his chest again. As an added touch, the artist tattooed three small pink hearts over the hummingbird. Saying as he did that all the girls wanted it that way. After the artist finished the tattoo, he put a sterile bandage over it. He handed Jacob a sheet of paper telling him how to keep it clean and not get it infected.

Jacob thanked both men and did a little curtsey before leaving the store. The tears he was still shedding were not all from the pain of the needle. Fortunately for him, Miss Matilda did not seem to notice how badly his mascara was running.

Jacob stood before Mz. Nelson with his hands clasped firmly behind his back. His chin was held upward by her pudgy left hand as she stared into his eyes. "Well, I really do like the new look Miss Matilda. That precious hummingbird tattoo is especially appealing to me. I am somewhat disturbed from your report that he misbehaved while at the salon. I could forgive Camille for forgetting to walk, speak and behave as a good sissy should as it was his first public outing. However, having to be spanked in the salon is unforgivable. The more I think about it, the more embarrassed I become. Imagine what Martha and Mr. Henri must think of me after witnessing Camille's bad behavior? I think it is time to insure Camille's bestest sissy behavior in the future. I think....." she stopped speaking to look over to where Miss Matilda was standing.

As she looked over to Miss Matilda, Jacob indignantly thought, "Miss Nelson was embarrassed? What about me? I was the one totally humiliated by being paraded around dressed like a complete idiot and forced to undergo the salon's treatments. Worse, I was the one forced into asking, no not asking, begging to have a girly hummingbird tattooed on my chest. She should be chewing out Miss Matilda not me!" His thoughts were stopped when Miss Nelson turned her attention back to him and squeezed his chin forcing his lips to pucker.

"I think that you have just earned yourself the next four days in diapers little sissy. If that doesn't change your attitude and obedience to orders, then we will think of something much more comprehensive. Now give me a kiss on the cheek and tell your Auntie Nelson that you will be a good little sissy from now on.....oh... I think you should apologize to Miss Matilda for being such a bad sissy," she said as she released her hold on him.

Fuming in silent rage, Jacob did as he was ordered. The fact that he would be in diapers for the next four days did not immediately register in his mind. With his apology made he was dismissed and told to follow Miss Matilda. Placing his left wrist tight against his left hip, fluttering his hand and raising his right arm, elbow tight against his side, wrist loose, he simpered after her. The swishing of his bridal satin pantaloons and click-click of his heels on the wooden floor could be heard throughout the room. The noise roared like a lion in his ears reminding him with every step of what had been done to him.

Miss Matilda quickly stripped him of all his clothing. Then led him into the bathroom where he was allowed to use the toilet. To his surprise, she did not give him a fresh tampon. Back in the bedroom, she had him sit on the vanity stool as she went into the back of the large walk-in closet.

He sat nervously as he heard her rummaging in the closet. Jacob was worrying about what new indignity she was going to come up with next. As she emerged from the closet, he saw what she was carrying and bolted for the door. In a panic, Jacob grasped the brass door knob and twisted as he saw Miss Matilda drop what she was carrying and picking up her crop. Pulling on the stubborn door knob for all he was worth, Jacob couldn't get it to open. In desperation, he stepped back and kicked out his bare foot as hard as he could at the wooden door. Two sensations filled his mind at about the same time, a feeling of excruciating pain in his foot and the second, a shearing burning pain across his bare bottom. Jacob found himself lying on the carpet by the door face down. He ass was being assaulted by the crop and all he could feel was pain. Tears overwhelmed his eyes and flooded in a torrent down his face by the time the punishment was over.

Miss Matilda reached down, pulled him to his feet and led him limping to the bed. He stood crying while she quickly laid a pink rubber sheet across the mattress. Without a word, she pushed him down on the sheet face down and began smoothing a sweet smelling lotion across his burning cheeks. After using a generous amount of lotion, Matilda sprinkled baby powder liberally over his exposed butt. Turning him over, she did the same with his groin. It did not take her long to place two thick pieces of soft toweling between his legs and pin them securely between his legs with bright pink tipped diaper pins. She picked up a bright violet colored pair of plastic panties frilled across the bottom with eight rows of lavender colored floral lace and waved them before his eyes.

As the plastic panties were shaken before him, Jacob's pain filled eyes changed to ones filled with total humiliation and fear. Still without a word being said, Matilda slid the garment up his legs. Making sure that the tight elastic legs and waist were completely covering the bulky diaper, she pulled him into a sitting position.

He was about to beg for mercy but before he could get out a single word, she thrust a large pink rubber pacifier into his mouth. The pacifier was shaped like a realistic penis three inches long and one and a half in diameter with a white plastic lip guard. It could be secured around the head by two bright pink satin ribbons. His eyes were as large as saucers as it came into focus and pushed its way into his mouth.

"You so much as spit or take that out of your mouth without my permission and you will be a very sorry sissy. Now I want to see you sucking on that like a good sissy baby and you had better look like you are enjoying it," she warned. Jacob gulped in fear and did as he was told.

She pulled lavender lace ruffled anklets onto his feet followed by a pair of lavender patent leather Mary Jane styled shoes with a two inch heel. His right foot screamed in pain as she fastened that one but the pacifier muffled what little noise he dared utter.

His hands were placed into lavender satin fingerless mittens and tied securely to his wrists. There was no way he could use his hands for most purposes much less get his diaper off by himself. Almost as humiliating as the diaper was the E-cup lavender bullet bra that she fastened to his chest. The cotton bra cups stood out in stiff overlapping ridged layers in order to form the pointed cup. It looked like a garment put on inside out but just the thought of those stiff ridges against bare skin sent a shiver down his spine. Cotton pads were used to fill out the cups. A matching waist cinch was quickly fastened around his waist, drawing it in at least four inches. It left him gasping for breath. He felt his lower two ribs crunch under the garment's pressure.

What looked to be a white floral lace communion dress with a square neckline and embroidered bib front came next. The bib front was centered by a pink rose and thin bow with six inch streamers. Matilda pulled it over his head and buttoned up the back. The hem had a two inch band of pink floral lace and the hem reached to his upper thigh. Finally, a large bright pink satin baby's bonnet with white lace frilled brim and ribbon streamers was tied securely under his chin.

As he was led over to the vanity, Jacob wobbled as the thick padding between his legs made even his sissy stride impossible. He saw his reflection in the vanity mirror as he approached it. Jacob could see what appeared to be a big sissy baby and that his padded bottom and panties were visible to anyone who cared to notice.

Seated at the vanity, she used a nearly white foundation on his face, followed by vivid purple eye shadow, dark black mascara and eye brow pencil and a vivid red lipstick. She had given him a doll's face and with his Goldilocks hair style and bonnet looked like he belonged beside the other dolls sitting on his bed. He felt totally defeated and humiliated beyond belief as Matilda led him downstairs for dinner.

He was assisted into a high chair and once seated strapped in and a tray fastened pinning him to the seat. Two bowls filled with what looked like green slime and yellow yuck were placed in front of him. Matilda put a large white bib around his neck. It had a picture of Tinkerbelle and covered his exposed clothing. Using a large spoon, she began quickly feeding him. First she fed him the green slime which tasted as bad as it looked then the yellow yucky stuff which tasted even worse. He later discovered that the green slime had been pureed asparagus and the yellow pureed squash. By the time she had finished feeding him, his face and bib were covered in a mix of greens and yellows.

From the high chair, he was led into the dinning room where a playpen had been set up. It was pink with a bright white plastic mattress with pink fairies printed on it. In the pen he was given a large baby bottle with a pink phallic shaped two inch long nipple. The baby bottle contained a mixture of supplement, milk, sugar, diuretic and castor oil. She shoved it into his mouth and told him to drink every bit of it or else. With the fingerless mittens, Jacob could not hold onto the bottle. Seeing the look on Miss Matilda's face he knew he had to find a way to finish the bottle. It wasn't until he remembered seeing a baby drinking his milk using both his little hands and feet to prop it up that he managed to suck on his bottle. Finished with the foul tasting solution, he was told to play with the Betsey Wetsey doll. Under Matilda's and Ms. Nelson's watchful eye, he did as he was told. He watched them from his pen and envied their large helpings of mouth drooling roast, fresh bread, and all the trimmings as they ate at the dinning table. The aromas coming from their dinner made his tummy rumble and he had to concentrate on his doll play. He did not want any additional punishment and hoped by cooperating his diapering would not last long.

While the two women were having their after dinner sherry, Jacob's stomach did a loud rumble and he felt a very strong urge to both urinate and pass his bowels. He looked up desperately at the two women but seeing no reaction, mumbled as loudly as he could with the pacifier tied in his mouth. His mumblings became more frantic with each rumble of his stomach.

Ms. Nelson looked over his way and with a smile said, "Matilda I believe our little sissy baby is trying to get our attention. Do you think there might be something the matter with the little tyke?"

Matilda gave him a stare and turning to Ms. Nelson replied, "Oh I don't think it is anything important enough to interrupt our sherry Madam. Why don't we play a hand of rummy? Whatever Camille's problem, I am sure it will pass momentarily."

Both women laughed and began playing cards. Jacob understood Matilda's little joke and did his best to keep from messing his diapers. He squeezed his bottom until his face became red but it was to no avail. With a loud squishing farting sound he filled his diapers to almost overflowing. His plastic panties managed to contain it all and soon the initial warmth of his excrement turned cool then cold. He could feel the cold mess pressing against his bottom and groin. As he squirmed on the plastic mattress, the mess was further rubbed all around his bottom and groin and the smell became quite obvious. Tears filled his eyes and he began crying in total humiliated surrender.

Finished their game of rummy, Matilda took him from the play pen and up the stairs. As he waddled, the stench became more prominent and his diaper sagged between his legs. His feelings, as he waddled beside her, were so new and utterly disgusting that humiliated did not come close to describing them. The only thing he could do in reaction to these new feelings was cry and cry hard.

She led him up the stairs and into a room across from his. Inside was revealed as a little girl's nursery. Painted a soft pink with fairies and dancing baby blue unicorns and smelling of baby powder and perfume, it was a baby girl's dream come true. An adult sized crib painted in white enamel with soft pink chiffon drapery and raised chiffon netting with a large poof tied off with a bright pink satin ribbon was against one wall. A changing table stood nearby with shelving filled with diapers and all the necessary powders and lotions required. A pink plastic mat on the floor took up most of the remaining space and had numerous dolls, coloring books and crayons, cut-out books with blunted scissors and paste stacked in neat piles. A large rocking horse with straps for securing the rider and a rocking chair finished the furnishings.

Matilda fastened him to the changing table and soon had his filthy diaper off and his bottom and groin cleaned. Before she pinned his new diaper in place, she took a small egg shaped white suppository and inserted it into his anus. A pale yellow plastic panty with six rows of white lace were pulled up his legs and secured around his waist. The waist cinch and bullet bra were left on him but the dress removed. The dress was replaced by a long pale yellow with prancing pink unicorns flannel night gown. It had a bright yellow satin draw string at the hem so that his feet could be secured inside. His mittens were replaced with bright yellow satin ones. A yellow satin mop cap was placed on his head as a finishing touch.

Cleaned and dressed, she took him into his old bathroom where she washed his face and brushed his teeth. Back in the nursery, she put him in the crib and gave him another large bottle of formula to drink. To his surprise, he saw a small DVD television attached to the foot of the crib. Matilda turned it on and that horrible purple dinosaur with its mind numbing songs began playing. Again he had to use his feet to secure the bottle in his mouth. When he had finished it, she put his pacifier back into his mouth secured it with its ribbon so he couldn't spit it out and pulled the draw string tight enfolding his feet inside the night dress. Turning out the lights, she left him imprisoned with that purple dinosaur still playing on the television.

It seemed to take hours for him to drift off to sleep as his mind kept repeating all the nasty things that had happened to him. What filled his mind the most were thoughts of how long could he bear wearing diapers and what could he do to minimize this punishment. The annoying soft sound of the television finally faded away as sleep overcame him. Soon after falling into a fitful sleep, his stomach cramped painfully and he was woken as he gushed into his diapers. Tears came rushing down his cheeks as the smelly mess began working its way all over his diapered bottom.

In the morning he was changed and feed another large bottle of formula. Dressed in a frilly aqua satin baby dress with lots of white floral lace, matching plastic panties and mittens he was placed on the mat and told to play with his toys. About an hour later his stomach cramped painfully and he filled his diaper. Matilda was sitting in the rocker reading a book when this happened. His pacifier muffled cries caught her attention and she came over to him. Taking him by the arm, she led him over to the rocking horse and secured him to the saddle.

"Start rocking and look like you are having fun or that diaper stays on until lunch time," were her only words. She went back to the rocker and picked up her book.

As he rocked enthusiastically with a false smile on his lips, the mush in his diaper was forced into every crease and orifice. It also released the foul odor into the air and it filled his lungs with its stench. Still he smiled and rocked determined not to incur any further punishment.

After a lunch of pureed peas, carrots and some of last night's roast, he was given another bottle of formula. He was told to get back on the mat and play with his doll cut-outs when they got back to the nursery. Dinner was a repeat of lunch with pureed liver as the main course and he was placed back in the playpen while the ladies ate a scrumptious meal just a few feet away.

Dinner and play time over, he was changed and dressed like the night before except that she did not insert another suppository. He was so exhausted by that time, even the purple dinosaur couldn't keep sleep from overtaking him. The next three days followed this same pattern. By the end of the forth day, he vowed to do whatever was necessary to never be punished like that again. He also vowed that if he ever got his hands on that purple dinosaur, he would tear him into shreds. It took him a long time to get that silly "I love" song out of his mind.

He did not have to pretend to be happy when Matilda brought him back to his old room. He was taken into the bathroom and handed his douche kit along with a tampon. As he worked the nozzle into his bottom, she placed a pink condom on his erect penis. Even the thought of what was about to transpire did not bring a frown to his face.

She dressed him in a pair of white bridal satin pantaloons with lots of lace around the knee, matching satin corset, training bra and camisole. A pale blue poly blouse with short capped lacy sleeves, pleated front with a high ruffled collar that tickled his chin was buttoned up the back. A pair of neon bright baby blue velvet shorts with matching lace frilled suspenders was next. Blue knee high nylons with attached blue satin garters and a pair of blue patent leather Mary Jane's with pointed toes finished his dressing.

At the vanity, he did his best to apply all his cosmetics correctly. It took him three tries but Miss Matilda did not reprimand him for his inept attempts. She brushed out his hair and tied a bright blue satin ribbon at the top of his curly mop.

As he was led down to breakfast, he couldn't help but think that life was much better even if he had to dress like a stupid sissy. "Even my corset doesn't bother me," he thought as they entered the kitchen. He did not realize just how much weight he had lost with the constant diarrhea and diet. Plus with the tight corseting and waist cincher, his body was beginning to conform to the metal stays.

After a real breakfast of two pieces of toast, unsweetened tea, and one poached egg he felt better than he had in a long time. It wasn't until he stood before Miss Nelson that he began to fret.

"Come here Camille and sit in my lap," she ordered. As he sat on her upper thigh with his round bottom not sticking over it and his legs dangling down the other side, she gave him a hug. "You took your punishment well but I warn you that the next time you give us any problems....well I think you get the idea. Don't you my little sissy? Now I want you to tell me who and what you are and I want a sincere answer."

It took him a moment to compose himself before he replied, "Miss Nelson my name is Camille and I am a....a little...little sissy." He managed to convince her that he was sincere and received a broad smile from her full bright red painted lips.

"Very good my little darling sissy Camille," she began. "As a reward, I think that you should begin to have other little sissy friends to play with. Being cooped up in this house all the time is not good for your development and social skills are a real necessity. I have talked to Mr. Henri at the salon and he was very helpful. So Saturday morning, I will send you over to the salon to make some new friends. While you are there ask him give you a beauty treatment....oh...that precious little tattoo you have looks so intriguing showing through your blouse. I think, as a further reward, I'll have Miss Matilda take you back and get a small unicorn tattooed over your right breast. Isn't that a wonderful idea Camille?"

Jacob was stunned and in shock with the revelation that he was going to not only meet other boys just like him but actually have to do things with them. It took him a moment for her tattoo comment to sink in.

"I asked you if you thought that getting a small unicorn tattoo would be a wonderful idea Camille."

Her voice brought him out of his stunned silence and knowing that he had no choice but to sound enthusiastic replied, "Oh yes! That is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much Miss Nelson."

"I just knew that you would love that idea darling," she said with a broad smile. She pulled him into her very ample bosom and hugged him tight. "You are turning into a very special sissy Camille. Now don't go and ruin it for me by causing any more trouble. Okay, that is enough of this love fest. Go with Miss Matilda. I am sure that she has lessons for you to do. Give us a kiss dear before you hop down."

Jacob meant to kiss her on her fat cheek but she surprised him and kissed him full on the mouth. Her bright red lipstick smearing all over his lips and chin mixing with his rose pink painted lips. He almost gagged when he felt her tongue plunge deep into his mouth but kept his promise to himself....Do whatever it takes to keep from going back to diapers.

(Video) Sissy captions complication part 1

Jacob wanted to wipe the back of his hand across his lips after Miss. Nelson's sloppy wet kiss but managed to restrain the impulse. Instead he slipped off her lap and performed a curtsey saying, "Thank you Miss Nelson and I promise to be a good sissy."

Placing his hands in the expected position, he swished after Miss Matilda back to his old room. He was happy to be back in the extremely feminine room and hoped he would never see the nursery again. Jacob took in a big breath of the heavily floral scented room and flushed the last of the baby powder smell from his constricted lungs. His ribs ached from the strain of the corset and his intake of air but he did not mind.

Miss Matilda led him over to the vanity where she had him repair his smeared lipstick and fluff up his golden curls. She then led him into the bathroom where he was allowed to douche and replace his tampon. Having to clean out the filled condom did not dampen his resolve.

Back in the bedroom, he spent the next hour practicing his sissy mannerisms. Satisfied that he was improving, Miss Matilda had him sit and begin practicing his voice lessons. The recorder was turned on and the headset placed over his ears. He began reading along with the girlish voice in his ear from a book of poems while his voice was being recorded. By the time he was finished with his voice lesson, his voice was hoarse.

After taking a break for a light lunch, she had him practice his writing skills. He was handed pen, paper and several English Literature school assignments written by young girls. He was instructed to copy their styles and include little hearts over the "i's" and to put smiley faces inside the "o's." Miss Matilda told him that she wanted to see a nice sissy girl style when she returned.

When she returned to check his progress, he was still diligently at work. Miss Matilda examined what he had accomplished and nodded her approval. "Well, your handwriting has improved but you still need a lot of practice. I think that an essayÖsay two hundred words at the least, about how much you enjoy all your girlie activities. Like how much you enjoy performing your personal hygiene, make up, deportment and dressing activities. You have an hour then it will be time for dinner."

After he finished his nightly beauty ritual, Jacob was surprised to see Miss Matilda place on his bed fresh soft diapers, semi-transparent lilac colored plastic panty with white lace frills at the leg openings and waste band, waist chinch in a bright violet satin with matching bullet bra and a baby doll nightie in a shimmering violet. The lingerie was topped off with a matching white lace ruffled mop cap.

Seeing the look of horror on his face she explained, "Camille this is just a reminder and you will not be required to use your nappies. Come over here and let me get you dressed for bed."

Once he was dressed, she sat beside him on the bed and began to gently rub his diapered crotch. The crinkling of the plastic panty as she rubbed rang loudly in his ears. "You did very well today Camille and tonight I am going to reward you," she said as she placed the phallic shaped pacifier into his mouth.

As she continued to rub his diapered crotch, she began with her free hand to pinch and twist his nipples through the fabric of his bra. Despite the utter humiliation of her actions, his penis became quite erect. As he neared climax, he sucked more heavily on his pacifier and began to moan softly. She began messaging his groin and playing with his nipples much rougher as he neared and finally reached his climax. Smiling to herself, she got up, kissed him on the forehead and left the room. Jacob totally spent; fell into an exhausted sleep still sucking on the pacifier.

The rest of the week was spent in a similar manner with Miss Matilda bringing him to climax inside his diaper. Finally Saturday arrived and his trip to the salon was set for 10:00a.m. He was dressed especially frilly for the event. A satin penis sheath of florescent lime green was followed by a matching pair of pantaloons with six rows of green floral lace at the knees. Forest green corset and matching satin demi-bra in an A cup that was filled with his flesh was followed by an ivory polyester poet's blouse and matching velvet shorts. A forest green satin sash was fastened at his side in a large flouncy bow and pale green knee high nylons pulled up his legs and secured with forest green satin garters. The garters had a large pale green satin bow attached at the side and his feet were placed into forest green patent leather two inch spiked heeled pumps. Fingerless white lace gloves and a forest green beret was place on his golden curls as a finishing touch.

Trying to keep his composure, Jacob stepped out of the car in front of the salon and assuming the position, began swishing to the front door. Inside he dropped into a curtsey at the receptionist desk and in his best girlie voice said, "Good morning Miss. I am here for my appointment with Mr. Henri."

Paulette smiled at Jacob and told him to have a seat and Mr. Henri would be right with him. As he turned to take a seat, he noticed a very strange person sitting in the end chair. His hair was in an extreme Mohawk style dyed platinum blond with bright yellow dyed fringe. Otherwise the scalp was polished and shown brightly in the light. His exposed body was covered in very feminine tattoos and had more piercings than he had ever seen before.

The stranger was dressed in a semi-transparent pale pink nylon bolero styled top held together with four dainty golden chains that exposed small but pert looking breasts. He had on hip hugging purple nylon pants that flared at mid-calf out into large cuffs. A pink lace scrunchy was around his left wrist. Jacob wanted to sit as far away from this strange person as possible but Miss Matilda took the only other chair. He was forced to sit right beside this strange creature.

"Hi, my name is Gladys," the strange looking person said looking straight at Jacob. "I just love your hair and precious velvet shorts. What's your name?"

Jacob could tell that the stranger was actually a guy by the sound of his deep lilting voice. Up until then he wasn't sure what his sex really was. Jacob did not want to say anything and continued to ignore him but Miss Matilda nudged him in the ribs while giving him a scowl.

Taking the hint, he looked over at the boy and stuttered, "IÖI'mÖ.Jac..erÖer I'm Camille."

"Its soooo nice to meet you Camille," Gladys replied. "I imagine you're here to have a restyle from Mr. Henri? He is just the mostest when it comes to taking care of us you know. I just wish that he would be a little friendlier, if you know what I mean. He is just sooo professional and all. I'm here for a little trim and was told I was too meet someone. Oh, I hope it's you! You're just the cutest little thing. Am I supposed to be meeting you? Please say yes."

"ErrrrÖIÖI don't know. Miss Matilda said I was here to get a touch up," Jacob replied. He hoped with all his heart that he wasn't the one. "After all," he thought, "I certainly do not want to spend time with this queer. What does he think I am?"

Before Gladys could respond, he was called to the back by Mr. Henri for his touch up. As he got up from his seat, Gladys blew him a kiss and with a limp wrist waved bye-bye.

Jacob heaved a sigh of relief as Gladys went through the curtains. His relief was short lived as a woman entered the shop with what could only be described as a big baby. The only thing keeping the big baby from falling to his knees was the strong grip of the woman. She led him over to the vacant seat and made sure he wouldn't fall out by belting a strap around his fat middle.

Jacob looked at him in both wonder and fear. The big baby had large teddy bear ear rings in his lobes, Golden ringlet hair just like Shirley Temple, bright green eye shadow and was sucking on a big dummy. He was wearing a pink tee shirt that revealed that he was wearing a training bra underneath. In silver glitter were the words "Little Princess" imprinted on the shirt. A pair of pink plastic panties frilled all around in rows of white lace covered what was obviously a thick diaper, white anklet socks with three rows of pink lace and a pair of white patent leather baby shoes. There was the strong smell of baby powder mixed with a hint of urine coming from where he sat.

Jacob had thought that the other boy was strange but this one took the cake. He had never seen anything like this big baby before and hoped that he wouldn't have too again. Miss Matilda told him to get up so that the other woman could have a seat.

Jacob was only too glad to accommodate her wish. As he stood observing the three, he couldn't help but remember when he had been forced to wear diapers. He cringed at the memory and he began to feel sorry for the big baby. The contrast between Gladys and the big baby was not lost on him. "Was Miss Matilda trying to send him a message?" he thought. "Or was this just a coincidence?" He was lost in his thoughts when Mr. Henri came to get him.

"Oh Miss Matilda," he said "Your little sissy looks just precious in that outfit."

On hearing that, Jacob remembered his training and performed a pert curtsey and said in his feminine voice," Thank you Mr. Henri."

In the salon, he was treated to another total body waxing, pedicure and manicure and had his hair re-colored and permed. When that was complete, Mr. Henri said, "Come along with me now precious. I have some friends that want to meet you and you can play together while I style Miss Matilda and Miss Margaret's hair."

His worst fears were becoming true as he was led into another room. This room was obviously a girl's playroom filled with stuffed toys, dolls, play kitchen, and other assorted games and such. Inside, the big baby played with a Raggedy Anne doll and Gladys was reading a fashion magazine while sitting on a pink enamel stool.

"Boys, boys," Mr. Henri said while clapping his hands together. "May I have your attention? This is Camille and she is new here. So I want you to make her feel comfortable while I style her Nanny's hair. Play nice nice and I won't have to send in Martha to baby sit. Camille say hi to Gladys and Baby."

For a few moments Jacob stood nervously twisting his hands together as the other occupants of the room examined him. Gladys was the first to acknowledge him by waving him over to sit in a near by stool. The big baby just slobbered some nonsense mumbles through his pacifier and returned to playing with his doll.

"Oh, I am so glad it was you that I was supposed to meet. Master Lee, that's my owner, said that I would have some fun today but usually that means another tattoo or punishment. The last time he said I was going to have some fun was at a biker rally. Believe me, when I tell you honey, that it wasn't fun, it wasn't. I had to wear a maxi pad for a week after that little bit of entertainment. Mr. Henri said that you are new to this? Do you want to talk about it? I have a very sympathetic ear."

There was a loud blaat sound from where the big baby sat and a stench began to fill the air. When they looked his way with frown on their faces, the big baby just smiled widely and went on playing with his doll.

Grabbing Jacob's hand, Gladys said, "Let's move over here to the far corner where we can get away from him."

Jacob couldn't help but follow as Gladys grabbed his hand and pulled him along. In the far corner, Gladys pulled him down to sit practically in his lap. "Mr. Lee said that we should become real good friends or else he will punish me. Your Nanny also told me to be friends with you as well. So, I guess whether or not you really want to be my friend it doesn't matter. If you are smart you had better act like it."

"What doÖdo you mean by that? I don't know your Mr. Lee and I'm sure that I didn't see Miss Matilda talking to you," Jacob replied.

"You're not as smart about all this as you better be. Do you think for one minute that all this is just an accidental meeting? Come on sweetie, think about it for a moment. Ahhh, I see that the light comes on. Look Camille, I was a normal boy until Mr. Lee got hold of me. I liked girls and playing footballÖshitÖI liked everything about being a boy chasing tail and stuff."

"I wasn't the big macho type guy and while I had my share of dates really didn't fit in with most of the crowd at school. My parents were always too busy for me and then I met this guy Carl. He was one of the big men on campus and for him to take an interest in me was sort of a cool you know. Well, he had a big Harley and would take me places on it. It was so cool that I let him have a lot of influence on me. My down fall came when I was introduced to marijuana and bikes by this so called friend of mine. You see, darling, so being accepted by Carl and this biker gang made me feel important. Well one thing led to another. I dropped out of school; then my parents kicked me out of the house and I met Mr. Lee."

"With no place to go and more importantly no food, Mr. Lee took me in. I should have known better butÖ..anyway I ended up looking like this and having to serve his needs and orders. I have learned that obeying is a lot more preferable than disobeying whatever he wants. I wasn't smart enough back then to know that and now I have to wear maxi pads all the time because he stretched out my boy pussy so much. You know, it is possible to put a two liter soda bottle up there? No, I guess you don't and if you get smart you won't have to learn that the hard way like I did. Guess I'm kind of use to all this by now. Besides, the way I look, how could I ever go back to the old me? My advice to you is either escape as soon as you can no matter how you are dressed or look or just accept whatever they want you to become. Just make sure that if you decide to run away that you plan it very wellÖ..otherwiseÖwell I think you can guess what they would do to you better than I."

As Gladys finished talking, the big baby began crawling over to where they sat. He was sucking loudly on his pacifier and mumbling "me want purty girlie" as he approached them.

"Oh My God! Jacob said as the he finally understood the big baby's speech. "There is no way in hell that I am going to be friends with that monstrosity. Gladys what can I do to stop this insanity?"

"Well for one thing, you can kiss me and when I say kiss me I mean with feeling," Gladys replied. "It will tell him that you are otherwise engaged and he will back off and at the same time prove to our observers that you like me."

"What do you mean observers?" Jacob asked.

"See that full length mirror over there? It is a one way mirror and I am willing to bet everything I own that Mr. Lee and your watchdog are behind that glass looking at us. Like I told you earlier, Mr. Lee and your governess have decided that you will pick one of us to be friends with. The choice is yours, you know? I think I can offer you more than that thing crawling at our feet."

"WhÖwhy do I have to kiss you? I'm not gay or anything like that."

"Because that is what is expected of us. Don't you understand anything? They want us to become lovers and if we don't, then they will find a way to make you wish that we did. Now put your hands around my neck and pull me close and give me a big kiss with all the tongue lashing that you possess or you will find yourself in the arms of that baby sitting on the floor drooling for a chance to be with you."

Jacob did as he was told and throughout the experience fought with a strong desire to toss his cookies. The kiss lasted for about five minutes but seemed to last for hours but when they broke apart Ms. Matilda was standing with an approving smile on her lips before them.

(Video) 👗 Sissy Affirmations - MTF

"I am so glad that you are making new friends Camille," She said, "but it is time for us to go now. Give your sweetie a goodbye kiss and make sure you get his number so that you can play together later."

Jacob did as he was told and followed Ms. Matilda out of the salon. He was in a state of total bafflement as she led him over to the tattoo parlor. It wasn't until he was seated in the chair and the stinging of a needle into his left breast awoke him back to reality.

As he left the tattoo parlor he sported a new pale blue unicorn over his left breast and had his naval pierced. A pretty pink butterfly pendant floated over his little innie belly button. Too much pain and embarrassment filled his mind as they walked back to the car for him to realize all that had happened that day.

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