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The putters of TaylorMade never really prosper the same way as how their woods did until the very first Spider putter appeared ten years ago.

To begin with, it has a high and large moment of inertia shape. And it gained an even wider Tour franchise acceptance when Jason Day modified the Itsy Bitsy Spider that eventually led to the Spider Tour Putter during the year 2017. And for its tenth birthday, TaylorMade has innovated and revamped this look to build the revolutionary Spider X Putter.

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TaylorMade Spider X Putter Review

Technology Used

True Path Alignment System

The origin of the Spider X philosophy came from research that is acquired for more than ten thousand putts coming from 12 feet distance, that has results of golfers striking the ball towards the toe’s putter by 66% — due to the parallax effect.

With this, engineers worked hard to revamp the putter head’s mass properties while simultaneously initiating the True Path (a new alignment system). This technology is for better focus and easier alignment, which leads to more putts that are being struck in the middle of the face to get rid of the parallax effect.

The X Design

The New TaylorMade Spider X has a brilliant optically engineered vision system that is designed for enhanced visual perception, clearer vision, and improved path through the color sensitivity.

For a more brief detail, the design of this putter is more streamlined-looking compared to the Spider Mini Putters and Spider Tour. The more stable shape of the head supplies added weight to the frame’s exterior, making it more stable than ever. The deeper center of gravity is made three times deeper compared to a traditional putter.

Multi Material Construction


The Spider X putter has a 15 grams of composite core. Its new style of the head is built from a multi-material construction that provides a slightly smaller head shape when compared to the Spider Tour. Engineers also decreased the size of this putter by 5%, while maintaining the same moment of inertia like the Spider Tour.

Pure Roll Inserts & Groove Faces

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter has an 80/20 Surlyn insert — 80% Surlyn and 20% aluminium flake.

TaylorMade stated that this Pure Roll White Surlyn Inserts plays a good part in the sound & feel, while giving better distance control and accuracy.

The construction and composition of this technology helps bring the grooves actively and directly to the ball upon impact, and even for short putts too. With this feature, the inserts are being deformed for each impact, allowing the grooves to be directly contacted by the cover of the ball.

Looks & Material

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter features a steel frame to help the weight be forwarded towards the club’s perimeter. It also has a 15 grams of a carbon composite that is placed in the middle of the sole area, under the crown.

For the colors, there are nostalgic bronze and brass looks for the Dakota Copper model. While the Midnight Blue edition is manufactured for Dustin Johnson because navy is his most-liked color.

The previous design on where the ‘rocket pods’ are placed on the back has now been replaced into two blue steel weights on the Spider X, whereas the mass is being moved to the putter’s rear corners.

For each corner, there are functional steel weights placed, which are specifically designed for this putter. This also substitutes the pods for the Spider Tour (the type of weights that are seen first in the R7 Quad driver). And although they may look too industrial to some golfers, you will hardly notice them in black, and are absolutely nicer-looking compared to the rocket pods.

This putter comes in 6 grams of standard weights (34 and 25 inch options), but if you want a heavier style, the tungsten variant is available.

The noticeable crown is available in seven color options that came from the original concept of Daytona and Navy copper. As well as the more recent Hydro Blast silver finish that creates a smooth finish (due to the high pressure water).

You can also get the Spider X Putter with the wider-looking or a single sight line Tru Path Alignment on a white background. This is also flows over the putter’s leading edge and is half the width of a golf ball, which provides a seamless visual appearance that not just looks great, but also helps players with their aiming.

(Video) Taylormade Spider X | Putter Review

A game-changing Pure Roll Face Insert is also part of this putter’s feature, which is aluminum integrated for the Surlyn material. This provides a greater sound and feel compared to the other Surlyn inserts.

On the other hand, the face grooves are being set at a 45-degree angle that assure the ball will roll quicker in order to stay online.

There are options for hosels too, from a double bend, which creates a balanced putter then to a slanted and short ¾ offset. This provides a toe hang putter if you ever have a stroke with a slight arc.

When in the course, the Spider X putter has a more compacted shape compared to the majority of the mallets that gave a mid-size profile. This will best suit golfers that are low to mid handicapper, and is also one of the reasons that makes it very popular on the Tour. It also sits nicely behind the ball.

When you put this putter down upon the address, the white band frames the ball gorgeously, while the whole looks stands out. The white lines also flow over the white face’s leading edge to retain the ball’s alignment to the target.

All things considered, the TaylorMade Spider X putter makes one of the best putters that TaylorMade has ever made to this present. And undoubtedly, one day, it will definitely stand out as a game changing compact putter that a has high moment of inertia.


Due to the looks that bring a high moment of inertia, it means that if you mishit a putt, you will be less likely to lose speed. Thus, giving you more chances to hole it.

And for a 12 foot putt, TaylorMade stated that the best players usually miss the sweet spot by up to 1.5cm. That means if you stroke the face across a 3 centimetre range, or up to 4 centimetre high for high handicap players, the high moment of inertia for the head becomes more forgiving.

The insert is made 2mm thicker at 5mm, which provides extra depth so that the Pure Roll groove technology can be deeper. The 45-degree angle that is previously mentioned supplies less backspin, making it more likely to begin on the line.

The flowing white band, which is half the golf ball’s width, was considered an optimal shape that also aids in better alignment.

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Sound & Feel

The TaylorMade’s Spider X Putter’s deeper inserts provide a more solid sound and a little firmer feel. This will also supply you with good audio feedback to assist you in your judgement of putts.

(Video) Taylor Made Spider X Hydro Blast Putter review.

The sound it produces is more like a combination of ‘tock and ‘thud’. Meaning, you can hear either the dullest tock or the liveliest thud..

Expect a slight crispness upon impact when you hit the ball flawlessly. This is very rare for an insert.

Although the feedback is minimal, it is still reasonable for this kind of putter. You may strike the extreme heel or toe if you want to hear a higher pitch when making contact with the ball.

Price Point

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter comes at a great price for a putter that is packed with generous technologies, with excellent performance ability and nice looks.


Q. Is the TaylorMade Spider X Putter worth investing in?

Whether you’re a golfer who never got on board or a longtime avid fan of the Spider, the Spider X Putter is definitely worth the purchase. The benefits, features, and performance it provides will make the most bang of your buck.

Q.What is the primary difference between a Spider vs. a Spider X putter?

The primary difference is the ‘size’. The Spider X putter has a 3.5mm smaller profile from the heel to toe and is 2.7 larger from front to back.

Q.What makes the TaylorMade Spider X Putter one of the best putters out there?

The Spider X has Pure Roll Face inserts and aluminium Surlyn material that provides better sound and feel compared to previous Surlyn inserts. The face grooves aids the ball roll quickly too.

Q.Who are the pros that use the TaylorMade Spider X Putter?

(Video) Améliorez vos putts courts avec le Spider X | TaylorMade Golf Europe

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter is played by many players from the top PGA Tour golfers. And right now, Matthew Wolff and Robert McIntyre are the two tour pros that use this putter.

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Final Thoughts about TaylorMade Spider X Putter

The TaylorMade Spider X is a mid-sized putter that has an excellent and high moment of inertia. It also has a decent amount forgiveness through the Tru Path alignment line, which will also allow you to hole more putts.

And frankly, I don’t think TaylorMade can do more design revamping on this putter in the future. The results are already impressive.

With the Spider S, you can clearly see the company heading to a different path. But for the Spider X, it won’t need anymore upgrades. The looks, features, and performance are already as great as it can possibly be. You surely won’t be disappointed if this remarkable putter landed in your bag.

Alternatives to Consider

PXG 0211 Hellcat Putter

To complete the brilliant lineups of 2021 0211 good clubs, the PXG 0211 belongs to one of the friendliest price putters that doesn’t sacrifice the performance and looks.

The simple design, powerful performance, and awesome technologies are surely what every player would like to have in their bag.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

The Odyssey White Hot OG Putters have 7 models to choose from, each one carefully innovated with excellent design and high-end improvements. The White Hot Inserts are also being kept for great design and feel.

You can consider this putter as one of the premium ones, together with the Stroke Lab shaft that provides a modern style and counterbalanced feel every player will like.


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